The global pandemic outbreak has boosted the growth of the online gaming market, which generated more than 21.1 billion US dollars in revenues. During the pandemic-induced lockdown situation, these virtual games helped people get through their boredom and keep themselves entertained. However, even though a few companies are calling their employees back to the office or restaurants operating in total capacity, the spread of Omicron might be dampening your plans of getting back to your old life. Moreover, it would help if you accepted that your life might never be pre-COVID normal again. 

In such times, the only way to maintain your sanity is through playing digital games on your smartphones. The games will keep you occupied and keep stressful thoughts at bay. Among the many games that made their mark during the last few years, Bubble Shooter stands out. It is a classic and simple game of shooting and popping the same colored bubbles. Of course, it would help if you burst as many bubbles as possible to score more points than your opponents. 

The game's rules aren't difficult to understand. Players have to aim and shoot at similar colored bubbles to pop them. The clusters of bubbles are lowered slowly as the game progresses, and players must ensure to burst them before they get to the bottom of the screen. Once the bubbles reach the screen's bottom or the timer runs out, the game's over. 

The reasons why the game is addicting and entertaining are given below. After going through the reasons, you will undoubtedly download bubble games online right away. 

  • The game challenges players to pop bubbles before the timer runs out or the bubbles come to the bottom of the screen. It is a highly intense game to ensure the game's not over because of the bubbles reaching the bottom screen. 
  • The game allows players to communicate with their friends or make friends with their online opponents. 
  • Bubble Shooter is a game enjoyed by players of all age groups. However, where the online game allows earning money, you need to be 18 and above. 
  • Opportunity to play free games, along with tournaments or battles. There are different kinds of contests to partake in, depending on your expertise level. So, the fun never ends. 
  • The game is an excellent stress-buster after work or if you need to take out your day's frustrations. It is mightily satisfying to shoot and pop the bubbles. The more you play the game, the more relaxed you'll feel. 
  • The game enhances the players' concentration and focuses because it isn't enough to aim and shoot randomly. Players need to find the similarly colored bubbles and clusters and accordingly ai m so they all burst and score points. 

Helpful tips to brush up your bubble-popping skills and beat your opponent 

As mentioned above, the classic game of Bubble Shooter offers both entertainment and cash-winning opportunities. To win cash rewards, you need to participate in tournaments and battles offering loads of prizes. However, ensure to check if the US state you live in allows for participating in such contests and battles. 

To win big, here are a few strategies and tips that you can keep in mind:

Aim and shoot to detach hanging clusters of bubbles 

In any online Bubble Shooter game, the objective is to pop the bubbles in the puzzle. You can achieve this by popping the bubbles directly or by aiming at the hanging clusters and severing their connection with the rest of the puzzle. If the bubbles aren't attached to the other groups, they'll fall automatically and explode at the bottom of the screen. So, you can detach and pop more bubbles in a single shot. 

Point toward the walls to enhance your shooting range 

The walls in the puzzle game are for your use. You can use the walls to bounce and shoot at the bubbles. When the bubbles bounce, they change their course, and this changed trajectory helps in reaching those hard-to-reach places. 

Shooting by bouncing off the walls is a great tactic to burst bubbles that you cannot hit straight. 

Search for big groups of bubbles to pop 

Instead of hitting single bubbles, it is best to look for large bubbles with similar colors. When you pop big groups, you get to progress faster in the game and quickly score points. 

If a lot of space is cleared in the puzzle, it gives you access to the bubbles that are higher up. So, the chances of the bubbles coming to the screen's bottom are reduced, and you can improve your chances of utilizing the entire three minutes of the game to score points. 

Stacking is never a great idea 

At times, players stack the bubbles out of nervousness because they aren't getting the colored bubble they need to pop in the puzzle. However, piling bubbles brings down your chances of winning. That's why strategizing the game is crucial. For example, when you start stacking up, you might be covering the bubbles at the back and not get an opportunity to clear a path. 

Instead of stacking, you need to carefully shoot the bubbles and place them strategically. If you don't get the bubbles you want, you may end up losing the game.

Wrapping up 

Bubble Shooter is a challenging game and one that'll keep you on your toes. You cannot lose sight of the bubbles on your screen because one slip of your finger may end up giving your opponent an undue advantage. Keep in mind the tips and tricks mentioned above to utilize your ammunition and beat your opponent. Download the game now and look forward to having a blast.