What should we expect from a calls blacklist app? Well, first of all, it should be able to block specific numbers. It should also be able to block private or hidden numbers as well as numbers that are not in your contact list. What else? Well, it should let you create a White List, and ignore (block) all calls except from the contacts in the white list. It would be also great if it had the option to block a range of numbers starting with a specific prefix or suffix.

“Call Block - number blacklist” is a call blocking Android app which comes with all the mentioned features as well as some more great features. It also offers a user friendly interface, so you can conveniently create your Black and White lists and decide who you should block and who should be able to call you.


In overall, Call Block is a useful tool for blocking unwanted incoming or outgoing calls, including:

  • blocking all numbers
  • blocking numbers that are hidden / private
  • blocking all unk nown numbers - effectively allow only numbers that are in the contact list
  • blocking any number you want by specifying it directly
  • blocking range of numbers matching given prefix or suffix, for example:
  • 0123* will block all the numbers that start with 0123
  • *789 will block all the numbers that end with 789
  • viewing logs of blocked calls


Now in the latest version you can also specify number list which will be allowed regardless the other blocking settings. This is useful if for example you want to block all unknown numbers but allow specific numbers (eg. emergency numbers or the ones starting with the given prefix).

Call Block is available on the Google Play Store for FREE

Download Call Block Google Play