Sometimes the default Camera application on your Android device is too simple and amateur to take professional shots, and on the other side, the 3rd party camera apps are sometimes too difficult to take great pictures, although they offer many options to take high quality pictures . But Camera360 Ultimate is an exception which provides so many professional effects and filters in a simple and easy to use user interface.


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The latest version of Camera 360 for Android as well as iOS(But what about WP8?), introduces EasyCam, which provides you the ability to capture the most beautiful moments even without professional photography skills. It does all the settings and applies the best effects based on the shooting condition, and you just need to worry about pressing the shutter button at the best time and EasyCam makes sure all the settings have been changed automatically with the best result.


EasyCam also takes care of skin tone and blemishes, as well as changing the brightness in certain environments, such as back light or low light conditions.

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