Camji provides a perfect translation and dictionary service for those who want to learn the Chinese language by taking a picture, direct dictionary and from the pictures you have. It not only provides a translation but once you click the sentence it leads to a dictionary of each word for you to study furthermore on the language itself. 

In order to provide the best service we charge a subscription fee of 3USD per month, there is a free trial period for one week when you first download the app. 
Please contact me anytime in case of problems or questions. :)

The free trial period of a week is provided to the new users. How to apply for free trial is as followed. 
1. When you select the period 0 USD is charged for a week
2. Free trial is on for a week (There are ads during the period)
3. After a week the chosen amount is automatically c harged
4. if you only wish to use it for a week you can always cancel within a week and we won't charge anything

1. Kanji is best recognized under one sentence (less than 30 words) 
2. Clear images are better recognized 
3. We will update the words that could not be recognized next time we update :) 
4. One word is not recognized well at the moment so we recommend putting more than a word for better recognizance. 
5. Printed words are better recognized than handwritten words


Camji is available on both the Play Store and App Store. Download the app on your Android or iOS device and share your experience in comments.