This is our first Android Game Review on AW Center, and we chose “Can You Escape” as the title of our first review. It is not a long time that these types of “Break out of Rooms” and "Find the Hidden objects" games found their way to our smartphones and since then, there have been lots of games in this category. If you are not familiar with the concept of such brain games, let’s say these games provide a scene full of objects, mysteries and signs, and your goal is to open the locked door and go the next room or floor by finding a logical relation between the objects and signs. But in our perspective, the main down side of these puzzle games is that it is not always logical and you have to consider every possibilities (from swiping down, left, right, up to shaking or rotating your phone every time), or  you may need to just relate some unrelated objects to find your way out. And these issues made some users look for available cheats or walkthroughs to go to the next level and after a while they were not eager enough for updating to new levels. But Can You Escape is an exception. It really is based on logic and you don’t need to shake your phone while rotating it counter clock wise to find a hidden object under a lying snake!! You just need to take a close look at everything in the scene and think of a completely logical relation.

Can You Escape now offers you 10 unique levels and different challenges are waiting for you in each room and floor. Another challenging feature of this Game is that each floor may include more than 1 room and you have to find some hidden passwords or object in one room and use it in another (Finding out about another Room in the floor was a little bit confusing for us; if there is an arrow key icon on the bottom left of the screen, it means there are more than 1 room in this level).

  It is recommended to have a pen & paper to write multiple passwords or color sorts you find in each level.


As a conclusion, we should say Can You Escape is by far the best and the most fun brain game in Break out of Rooms category and we just hope to see new levels soon.

If you want to challenge your brain, download Can you escape from Google Play for free.

Which level you enjoyed the most? Which level did you find the hardest so far? We would go for Level 5 as the most challenging one.