Car Parking Reminder, as the name suggests, is a parking reminder app for Android devices that use the Bluetooth and GPS of your phone and locates your vehicle wherever you’ve parked it.


Does it really work? Yes, it does. As far as I tested, I didn’t notice any bug and the app was working just perfect. It does what it claims to do and you can rely on Car Parking Reminder when it comes to showing you where you have parked your car. I also liked the drawn blue line between my current location and the location of my parked car.

What else? Other than the option to remind you of your car, this parking reminder app will also keep track of the history of your parking and shows you some interesting stats. I think this feature is going to be useful over time, as it shows me where I have parked more frequently at certain places, such as a shopping mall or stadium.


Should you give this car parking reminder a try? Well, like always, it depends on you and the type of person you are. If you own a car and have always difficulty remembering where you have parked, then Car Parking Reminder is a must-have app for you. The app is really accurate and you can rely on it all the time.


Let’s take a quick look at Car Parking Reminder main features:

  • Accurate parking reminder app
  • Complete history of the places you have parked
  • Follow the blue line on the map to take you exactly to your car
  • Super easy to set up
  • Available in different languages: English, German, Russian, Swedish, Spanish
  • Free to use with not-at-all annoying ads

So, why don’t you install Car Parking Reminder on your Android phone, connect it to your car’s Bluetooth and see how this navigation app is going to save you lots of time and headaches!