CardGen is the Android application of Get Credit Card Numbers website, which generates fake yet valid credit card numbers and it supports many card types like Mastercard, Visa (and Visa 13 digit), American Express) and more.

The developers have created an algorithm to generate random numbers based on the way real credit card numbers are generated, and as the result the generated fake numbers will pass the actual verifications.

As strongly advised by the developer, you shouldn't use these credit card numbers for actual transactions, and the main purpose of CardGen and the website is for registering in some website which asks for a valid card number, and the other legit use of the application is for testing submission forms in your website.

After installing the application, tap Generate,  select a card type, and hit the Generate button. At the moment these card types are supported: Mastercard, Visa, Visa 13 digit, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, JCB, and JCB 15 digit.


There is also the option to verify credit card numbers, and you just need to open Verify menu and insert the card number. If the card number is valid, you will also get the issuer of the card.


CardGen is a really useful application if used with the intended purpose, and since it generates numbers randomly you shouldn't expect the app to generate Card Security Codes or the Expiration Dates.

Remember that these cards are not real and making any transactions with these generated numbers are illegal

Download CardGen from Google Play