Cash rewards apps have been recently getting the attention of more users, and as users start to trust such applications, more developers tend to step forward. The idea behind these apps is simple. You perform some specific tasks and actions, and you will be rewarded with points in return. You can use the collected points to earn real money, gift cards, or other types of rewards.

Cashcow is a new cash rewards app for Android that does pretty much everything you should expect from such rewards apps. You can watch videos, invite friends, fill captcha, and a bunch of other simple tasks to collect points. The user interface is elegant and straightforward, and I didn’t notice any lag while browsing through different pages or doing the specified tasks.


What do I like the most about Cashcow?

Unlike other cash rew ards app that require you to perform complicated tasks with a low payout rate, Cashcow offers you a range of simple and easy to complete tasks and with even higher payout rate compared to other applications. I also noticed some new tasks to earn rewards that I had never seen in other services. Speaking of these new tasks, you can earn points by filling captcha that can be used for machine learning purposes.


Should you give Cashcow a try?

If you are looking for an easy way to try your chance to win incredible rewards and stuff, then Cashcow is a good fit for you. You can perform simple tasks in your free time and collect more points over time. The available tasks are really easy to perform, and you won’t have to go through a complicated process to manage to complete one task

Download Cashcow from Play Store and have fun winning exciting rewards.