Talk to strangers and make new friends via the one-to-one video chat feature with random people all around the world. This is what ChatLive is all about. In this free communication app, you first get to create a profile and customize it the way you want, and then wait for another user to join the private room and start talking over text messages or a video call.

All the matchmaking process is done randomly and you never know who you are going to talk with. So, it makes the whole process very fun and surprising, and you get to meet people from more than 190 countries and make new friends.


What do I like the most about ChatLive? Well, to get started, the idea is quite unique and you cannot find so many chatting apps that enable you to start a video chat with strangers. In my tests, I found the user-interface really intuitive and didn’t feel any lag or slowness while trying out the one-on-one video chat feature. I also liked the random matchmaking feature that helps you meet with new people in any country and with any culture.


And last but not least is about the fact that you actually meet the person you are getting connected with. Unlike other chatting apps that are based on text messages and you can never know who you are talking with, on ChatLive you can start a chat and continue the conversation while the camera is on to get to know each other better.


Is ChatLive worth giving a try? Well, I would say, it definitely is. If you are into such communication and chatting apps and are already tired of the same features set, ChatLive is the app you should give a try.

Download ChatLive from Play Store and have fun talking with strangers and meeting new people all around the world.