City Rush is an addictive and exciting car racing game in which you get to drive a car in the city and do whatever it takes to avoid hitting any obstacle and other cars while passing through them.

The 3D environment with high-quality graphics, super easy to learn gameplay with a straightforward concept, range of different cars to choose from, and endless gameplay, are the main important things that make City Rush my favorite car racing game for Android.


What to expect from City Rush?

Well, you are driving a car with high speed and your only objective is to avoid hitting other cars. The gameplay is endless and you will collect more points as you manage to drive through more cars and obstacles without hitting them. But, on the other side, you have to start over as soon as hitting a car. So, you are required to be fully focused on the gameplay, if you wish to enjoy this car racing game.


Should you give it a try?

For me, City Rush checks all the boxes I have in mind for a game to be worth a try. It comes with an easy to learn gameplay, the car control is realistic and you have plenty of options to drive with, it is addictive and endless, the animations are smooth and the ads are not disturbing at all. Not only it can help you kill some time in your spare times, but, due to the fast-paced gameplay, it also helps you to improve your reaction time as well as your response time.

Overall, if you like such car racing games with endless gameplay and challenges, City Rush won’t disappoint you at all. And since it is available to download for free, you can give it a try and explore the gameplay yourself.

You can download City Rush for free from Google Play Store.