Finally a cool shooting game with a unique concept and addictive gameplay. Clock Shooter is a free shooting game for Android that requires you to kill the monsters by shooting at the clock’s numbers! You have to use the clock’s arms to aim and shoot at the numbers around the clock’s face and kill the enemies one by one.

Seems a little bit odd and weird? That’s the unique concept I was talking about at the beginning of the review.


What to expect from the Clock Shooter?

Well, first of all, it’s a 2D shooting game and if you are into such shooting arcade games, it can get your attention. In each level, you are given an exact time (with hours, minutes and seconds) and your objective is to shoot at the numbers using the always rotating clock’s arms. For example, if you are seeing “4hr: 45min: 20sec” as the level’s goal, you have to aim the hour arm to shoot at number 4, aim the minute arm to shoot at number 9 and aim the second arm to shoot at number 4. The arms are constantly rotating and you need to b e fast and precise when it comes to aiming and shooting if you wish to clear the mission and get higher points.


What about the graphics and gameplay? The graphics are high and the smooth animations along with easy controls, enable you to easily get used to the gameplay and only focus on shooting at the correct numbers with the correct clock’s arms and kill the monsters.


Is Clock Shooter worth a try?

As you may have already guessed, the short answer is Yes! This shooting game is offering a unique idea and concept which makes it worth a try. Aside from that, there is nothing to complain about and everything, from the gameplay and concept to graphics and animations, is just perfect and with no issue.

You can download Clock Shooter from Google Play Store for free.