If you are looking for a social game to have some fun time with family and friends, keep on reading today’s game review. 

Coin Wars is an addictive game for Android that combines the concepts of town-building games with wheel spinning and coin collecting games and adds some social features to deliver one of the best casual social games for Android devices. 

When it comes to the town building, you get to explore different lands in space and you get to build your own planets, upgrade them, and protect the planets from the invaders (read it your friends). When it comes to collecting coins, you get to spin the wheel to collect coins or take part in multiple challenges, including stealing, raiding, and attacking. 

Your objective in this casual social game is to spin the wheel, collect coins, and build up different planets, protect your planets and attack other planets. 

What do I like the most about Coin Wars? 

I liked the social feature very much and the fact that we can spend time with family and friends, and we can collect coins by attacking their planets. < /p>

I also liked the variety of available challenges in the Spin the Wheel section where you can collect more coins. As expected, there is also the chance to collect coins by daily check-ins and completing active quests. 

As for the gameplay and graphics, the initial tutorial will help you get used to the gameplay, and the fantastic graphics with cool sound effects and smooth animations make sure you never get tired or bored.

Coin Wars

Is Coin Wars worth a try?

As specified at the beginning of the article, if you are looking for a social game to have fun with connected friends on Facebook, then you should definitely give this casual game a try. You can try the game as a guest without connecting your Facebook account, and explore all the features for yourself. Once you feel confident with the gameplay and available challenges, you can go social and take on friends and try to collect coins by attacking their built planets.

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