Looking for a puzzle game to relieve stress and be relaxed and mindful? I’m pretty sure that this stress relief zen game I’m going to introduce will do the job for you.

Color Block Puzzle is an amazing zen color blocks game that comes with a straightforward objective: Do whatever it takes to move the multi-color blocks to match the adjacent color and find your Zen.

Since this stress relief game is more focused on delivering a fully-relaxed experience of solving puzzles, there are no time limit nor movement limits. And let’s not forget about the soothing music that helps you be focused on the gameplay.


What do I like the most about this zen color blocks game?

Well, first of all, the overall design is fantastic, an d the smooth animations along with easy to learn gameplay help you get the whole idea after the very first try. Since there is no limit in solving the color blocks puzzles, you can be fully relaxed while trying to find the matches.

According to the developers, there are 100 different zen puzzles to solve with varying levels of difficulties. As far as I tested, while your goal in each level is the same, but you will face fresh challenges, and you need to be fully concentrated on the gameplay if you wish to solve that level.


Should you give this free color blocks game a try?

 If you are looking for a perfect stress relief game, Color Block Puzzle won’t disappoint you at all. As the levels start from easy and get more difficult as you progress, you never get bored or tired.

Download Color Block Puzzle from Play Store and see how many puzzles you can manage to solve. There is no rush, no time limit, and no competition.