Color puzzle games are one of the most popular puzzle games that can entertain users for hours without noticing the time. While the main goal of such games is killing time, they also help the players train their brains (especially the cognitive part of the brain) and improve their reflection and concentration skills.

Color Duet is a brand-new color puzzle game in which the user gets to match the color of the bouncing ball with the color of the column. The one-touch gameplay is so easy to learn that you will get used to it after a couple of tries. Once you progress and pass more column, the speed of the bouncing ball increases and it gets super hard to match the color of the ball with the coming column before running out of time.

What did I like most about the Color Duet? Well, first of all, it’s not like any other color puzzle games that I had ever played. The gameplay is easy to learn and the interface is really clean. The ads are not disturbing at all and most of the time you may even not notice them.


I also liked the fact that the user can control whether the ball should turn to the left or right. It’s very useful when the ball’s speed increases and you don’t have enough time to tap on the screen 2 times!

What I would change? While the gameplay is addicting and you’d do whatever it takes to improve your high score, but it would be more addictive if there was a competition and users get to compare their results with other players.

Do I recommend it? The short answer is Yes! If you are into such color puzzle games, you should definitely give the Color Duet a try and see how exciting and fun this game is.

Download it for free from the Google Play Store and share your experiences with us.

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