Color switching puzzle games are one of the most addictive types of arcade games and while the gameplay of such games is as simple as tapping the screen to switch color and match the color of the oncoming object, you will have endless hours of fun with family and friends. 

Color Rings Puzzle is a fresh ball match game that uses the same switching color and matching the color, and in my opinion, the developers have managed to deliver a pretty good game with addictive challenges and easy to learn gameplay. Speaking of the gameplay, you just need to tap on the screen to rotate the color rings, and your objective is to make sure the color of the ring matches the color of the rolling balls. 

What do I like the most about the Color Rings Puzzle?

First of all, I really liked the HD graphics with smooth animations and cool sound effects. The gameplay is easy to learn and you can play it with one hand. 

I also liked the variety of available challenges and levels to pass, which makes you want to keep playing without getting bored or tired. 

Improve reaction time: The fast-paced gameplay helps you improve reaction time, and you should always be prepared should you wish to reach higher scores. 

Color Rings Puzzle

Is Color Rings Puzzle worth trying?

Well, I would say it definitely is worth a try! To me, it checks all the boxes that I have for a must-install game including easy to learn gameplay, smooth animations, nice design, and addictive challenges. As mentioned earlier, Color Rings Puzzle not only can entertain you for hours and help you kill some time, it also is useful for improving concentration skills and reaction time.

Download Color Rings Puzzle for free from Google Play Store and see how many levels you can manage to clear.