Android OS lets you toggle system settings from anywhere at anytime, no matter what app you are running. To toggle system settings, you can either use the default feature on your device (drag down the notification bar and switch settings on/off from the notification panel), or install 3rd party apps with more features, customization options, control and intuitive design.


Control Center is one of the newest apps to switch device settings quickly and as the name suggests, it really is like the Control Center you can find on iOS devices. Unlike most of toggle system settings apps, the interface can be accessed from the bottom of the screen, and you get to control most of the system settings, including Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile data and GPS (location Services) from there. You can also have quick access to some applications from the control center, including Calculator, Torch (flashlight), Clock, and Camera.

The app offers two modes: Basic and Advanced. In the Basic mode, you just get to toggle Airplane mode, Wireless, Bluetooth, Data, GPS, as well as changing the brightness level and have quick access to Flashlight, clock, calculator, and camera. But if you switch to the Advanced mode, other than having access to the basic features, you also get to view battery status, control the media volume, lock the screen (needs authorization to be device administrator), and have quick access to G allery, File Manager, App Manager, Memory Boost and System settings.


Control Center Main Features at glance:

  • Toggle system settings from anywhere with ease
  • Clean and simple user interface
  • iOS 10 style (Control Center)
  • Basic mode and advanced mode
  • Supported system settings: Airplane Mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data and Location Service (GPS)
  • App shortcuts: Flashlight, Clock, Calculator, Camera, System settings, Screen Lock, Gallery, File Manager, App Manager and Memory Boost
  • Show battery status (percentage)
  • Adjust media volume
  • Change screen brightness

In overall, Control Center is really easy and convenient to use, and if you like to go iPhone Style, it's one of the best choices. The application is Free to download and it is recommended to give it a try and toggle system settings on Android from anywhere in the screen and of course anytime. Since the application is just new, we are hoping to see more features and improvements to come.

Download from Play Store