Cowins is a browser-based html5 game based on our favorite Flappy Bird game. And it really is as addictive. The game rule and game play is just simple: Your cow has a jet engine. Each tap launches the rocket and the cow flies. You need to fly 1000 meters without encountering obstacles and without falling down to win a cash prize of $1000. During the flight, your cow collects the game coins – “cowins”. Cowins are used to purchase Medkits and increase chances of winning a prize. In addition, you will receive cowins from all your invited friends. When you fly a distance of 1000 meters without encountering obstacles and without falling down, using no more than one Medkit, you will receive a cash prize of $1000 from the developers of this game!


And don’t forget about getting Medkit, Magnet and Helmet.

Medkit (Medical Kit) allows you to continue the game from the point which your cow fell last time. The price of Medkit is 29999 cowins or $29.99. You can use it only once per game to increase your chance of winning the big prize.

The magnets attract metal and allow you to collect the cowins more effectively. When you cow catches a magnet, all the cowins begin to move toward you. The magnets are valid for 10 seconds.

The helmet protects you from a single collision with any obstacles, but it does not protect you from falling down. When faced with an obstacle your helmet will be destroyed.


All in all, the Cowins is really fun to play, and note that the game allows all registered members to win cash prizes and earn money through participation in the affiliate program.

Click here to play Cowins on your mobile’s web browser.