“Smash me if you can.” This is what Crazy Black Box Smash is all about. In this tap tap game, your objective is to tap on the black box as it appears on the screen and you must avoid tapping on other black objects as well as the boxes with colors other than black.

Crazy Black Box Smash is the simplest game, both gameplay and graphics wise, I’ve ever seen that has got me addicted in the very first try. The gameplay is as simple as tapping on the screen and the game’s logic is as straightforward as tapping only on the black boxes.

As you progress in the game and manage to hit more black boxes, the objects appear on the screen faster and you need to be so fast or you will lose and have to start over.


What’s my verdict?

In overall, Crazy Black Box Smash is literally the most addicting game I’ve ever played and not only it can be used for killing time, but it also can help you improve your concentration and reflection skills and tease your brain.

Is it worth downloading?

My answer is a big YES! But, it really depends on the type of game you are looking for. If you care about playing a game with 3D graphics and console-like experience, you better not to download this tap tap game. But, if you prefer simple games with easy to learn gameplay and straight logic, then I recommend you to give Crazy Black Box Smash a try.