If you have followed our recent reviews and articles, you can see that we have started to review apps and games on other platforms including iOS and Windows. Today, we are going to review a very useful and fun extension for Chrome browser that enables you to chat with people all around the world while watching movies and TV series on Netflix. With cSociety, you can talk with people who are watching the same movie as you or talk to others about a specific genre or any other topic.


What to expect from this free extension for Chrome?

cSociety is available to use for free, and you just need to go to their website (cSociety website) and complete your registration before being able to watch your favorite movies and chat at the same time. After installing the extension and signing up for the service, you just need to open Netflix on your Chrome browser, and as soon as you start watching your favorite TV show or movie, the extension opens up on the right side of the screen. You can sign in and browse through available chat rooms to join. You can randomly chat with anyone you wish, mention a specific person in your conversations, or even send a direct message to a user.


Is it worth a try? Well, if you are already a Netflix subscriber - who isn’t these days! – and you like talking about your favorite movies and TV series with other like-minded people, this extension is definitely the one for you. You can choose any chatroom you wish and talk about anything you like. You also have the option to go through other people profiles and see what they like and even what they are watching at the moment.

Download cSociety from Chrome Web Store and never watch a movie alone again!