How often do you check your phone in a day? Do you know the average is around 100 times a day? Well, this number kind of explains why users tend to download new wallpapers every day or week. If you are one of those users who prefer to look at something new when you turn on your phone’s screen, today’s app review is for you.

Daily nature wallpapers 2021, also known as Daily Gardening WallPapers, is an awesome wallpaper for Android that delivers a unique collection of high-quality wallpapers for both home screen and lock screen. This wallpaper app mainly focuses on making your screen green, and as the name implies, you will have access to a rich library of outdoor pictures and gardening pictures. 

What did I like the most about Daily nature wallpapers 2021

For a wallpaper app, I have three criteria:

  1. How many wallpapers it offers
  2. How often it updates
  3. What picture quality it offers

Daily nature								 wallpapers 2021

and this free wallpaper app checks them all. As far as I tested the app, all wallpapers are available in Full HD quality, and the library of outdoor/indoor pictures is updated every day with fresh pictures.

You can set the pictures for either the home screen, lock screen, or both. Daily nature wallpapers 2021 doesn’t occupy much space and doesn’t require any weird permission.

Give Daily nature wallpapers 2021 a try and make your screen look fresh and green

Daily nature wallpapers 2021 is available to download for free, and you can give it a try and browse through the collection of high-quality pictures it offers. 

Download Daily nature wallpapers 2021 from Play Store and choose from a range of unique green images for the home screen and lock screen of your Android device.