If you run a small business and looking for an efficient way to track your daily sales and manage all your customers in one place, keep reading this app review article. 

Daily Sales Record is an advanced yet easy-to-use sales & inventory tracker application for both Android and iOS devices that streamlines the entire process of customer management, sales, and inventory management. It’s designed mainly for entrepreneurs & start-ups and helps them with managing their daily sales.

What should I expect from Daily Sales Record?

Looking at the features of this free business app, you should first add customer data and products (and services) you offer, and then easily register new sales. You can create invoices for your sales and send them to your customers, and generate reports at different time intervals. 

There is also the helpful Representatives section where you can manage your salesmen who sell your products and services. 

Daily Sales Record

What do I like the most about Daily Sales Record?

First of all, it delivers everything it claims. The user interface is super friendly and clutter-free. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to add data about your customers, products, and daily sales, and everything is so straightforward that you will get the whole idea after the first try.

The data entry process is pleasant and the wide range of available reports helps you track your performance daily, weekly, and monthly. You can export the charts and reports to a text file, excel file, or PDF file. 

Is Daily Sales Record worth a try?

Well, if you run a small business or you are responsible for managing daily sales in a small company or start-up, you should definitely give this free business app a try. 

Download Daily Sales Record from Play Store, add details about your customers and products, and track your daily sales with ease.