Development Planning Limited is a UK based company that provides specialist independent Transport and Development Planning services to private and public sector developers across the United Kingdom.

Transport assessment, travel planning, Feasibility study, masterplan review, traffic assessment, and specialist advisor are some of the services that this 2013 founded company offers to their clients.

What attracted my attention and made me write this review is the fact that they have decided to launch 2 new games related to what they do. I believe it’s a cool marketing approach that can get the attention of more people in the UK.

So, let’s take a look at these 2 games:


Weave.DPL – A challenging maze game

Weave.DPL is an addictive, fun and challenging maze game in which your objective is to weave the ball through the white blocks while avoid hitting obstacles and objects in other colors. You can easily control the weaving ball by just moving your finger and as you manage to finish the first easy stages, you have to face more difficult challenges. As you progress, the objects in other colors start to move and come in your way, and you have to be fully focused and concentrated in order to overcome the challenges.


Development Planning – A city-based collector game

Development Planning is a fun collector game in which you can collect sustainable travel modes and city components to get bigger. If you eat fossil fuel vehicles you will shrink. Once you get big enough, you can attack other players and try to eat them as long as you are not smaller than them. The time is limited and you need to do whatever it takes to stand at the top of the leaderboard.


Both games are absolutely free to download and free to play, without any pop-up ads or even ad banners to endure. Considering the fact that these two games have been developed by a transportation and development planning company as a new marketing tool, they are really worth to try.