DicVoc Dictionary is an education app for Android that enables you to easily create and modify your own personal dictionary. It uses Google Translate to deliver the definitions and meaning of the words you add to your dictionary, and you can get the translations for literally any language you wish.


What to expect from this free personal dictionary app for Android? Well, first of all, as the name implies, this app is all about letting you create a personal dictionary with a clean and neat user-interface.  Everything is done manually and you can add as many details as you want when entering a new word to your dictionary. Speaking of which, you can add notes, link the word to any website for future reference, and much more.

It works offline: Once you add a word to your personal dictionary, that word and its translations will be available even if you are not connected to the internet. However, for data entry, you are required to be connected to the internet.

Practice mode: There is also the cool practice mode that helps you learn your newly added words faster and more productive.

Download DicVoc Dictionary

Support for any language you wish: As mentioned at the beginning of the review, since DicVoc Dictionary is using Google Translate to provide the definitions, it supports every language that Google Translate supports. In other words, translations can be done in more than 100 different languages at any time.

Share dictionaries: According to the developers, this super useful feature is being added to the app and will be released soon. It enables you to share your own created dictionary with other users.


Is DicVoc Dictionary worth a try? I would say YES! If you are learning a new language, you definitely need an app that helps you learn new words and organize your vocabulary.

You can download DicVoc Dictionary from Google Play Store for free.