Ruggedized computers are used everywhere nowadays – the ability to function in unusual or difficult environments makes these devices more and more popular not only in industrial or military environments, but among civilian users who need ruggedness because they use their devices while hiking, rafting or under conditions that are harmful for standard computers. If you have been using a standard, non-rugged computer for some time, but you are planning to take your device with you to places that are not very computer-friendly, here are a few important benefits that make ruggedized computers the best solution for you.


What is a Ruggedized Computer?

Rugged computers have been designed to operate reliably in demanding conditions such as high humidity, extremely high or extremely low temperatures, dust or strong vibrations. Ruggedness is a feature that characterizes not only the external housing, but also the components inside, including CPUs, hard drives and cooling units. Rugged construction is not only available for desktop and rackmount computers and laptops, but also for rugged smartphones and tablets.


The Benefits of Ruggedized Computers

The main benefit of ruggedized units is that they work among harsh conditions – let’s see what this means and what other advantages are there to these great, high-tech units:


  • Longer lifecycle – Standard computing devices usually live for about 2-3 years, while ruggedized units are able to function reliably in the most unforgiving circumstances for 4-6 years.
  • Better visibility – Rugged screens use glare reduction, anti-reflective layers and sunlight filters to make the contents displayed easily readable even in harsh sunshine.
  • Longer battery life – When in the field, recharging options are often far away. Rugged units are designed to last longer between charges.
  • Power supply versatility - Many ruggedized units feature power supply solutions that make sure you will not lose any functionality if the power supply the unit is connected to delivers fluctuating current
  • Rugged devices are shock-proof – while some standard devices can survive the occasional slip from the sofa, ruggedized computer devices can withstand falls from much higher up and onto surfaces that are much harder than a carpet or hardwood floor
  • Superior cooling systems - Many rugged computers use fanless cooling systems that prolong the unit’s lifecycle and reduce downtime as well as maintenance costs, thus contributing to a serious decrease in overall ownership costs despite the slightly higher purchasing price.


Who Uses Ruggedized Computers?

Ruggedized computers were initially designed to suit the requirements of special consumers such as the military or companies operating in industries that require the highest level of reliability and ruggedness because they use their computers in special high-intensity environments. Today, rugged computers are more and more in demand by individual consumers who want to use their personal computers in special environments – if you are planning to do any of the following, you probably need a rugged device, too:


  • You want to take your computerized devices such as your laptop, your smartphone or your tablet with you on a rafting tour and you expect your devices to function even after they take an accidental swim in a river
  • If you need devices that function perfectly at high altitudes and in low oxygen conditions
  • If you want to use your devices in an extremely dusty environment such as rally races
  • If there is an increased risk that the device might be dropped from high up.


With the diversity of rugged devices available on the market today, you owe it to yourself to look at these new product offering before making any purchase decision.