During this lockdown, everyone has been scratching their heads not knowing what's new to do. But many of you are addicted to video games as they are kind of realistic. Most of you are still playing those old classy games. But have you heard of "Dodge the Ball"? I am not bragging but I must say it is exciting.

If you are addicted to online games in this lockdown and want something fresh then "Dodge the Ball" is the game for you. It comes with an easy-to-use interface and it is very user-friendly. Anyone from kids to elder people can play this game with ease. It contains power-ups that motivate you to do more and beat your highest scores.

Addictive-Endless								-Runner-Game

The jump and boost power-up will make you want to play more and more. They make you fight your way to top! From passing the hurdles in your way to topping your scoreboard everything will seem like a kickass game player! Breaking down the strange and unexplored way to cross the obstacles will wake-up the player in you!

This is not just for teenagers, your mom, you dad or your siblings and even your grandparents can play it. You can sit together, play and beat each other's scores which would be so fun! Play it in your way with all the colourful display of the game.

What are you still waiting for? Download Dodge the Ball now and give it a go!!