You’ve already put so much time and effort into developing a unique application/game and published it on Play Store. But, despite having a solid marketing plan, your app’s visibility is poor, and users are not noticing your app. 

What would you do? Assign some marketing budget to run ads? Try to spread the word across social media? Have influencers on TikTok or YouTube to promote your app? Keep optimizing your store listing fields and focus more on content marketing?

If you want to target getting organic users, running ads is out of the table, and you will be left with social media and content marketing. While utilizing the power of social media and using influencers to promote your app, can give you a boost in terms of installs, but it won’t last long, and new products/services/concepts will take your place as a new trend. 

On the other hand, content marketing may not give you the sudden boost that you’d get with influencers, but, it delivers a fair amount of users on a regular basis, as long as you produce engaging content and share appealing stories. And the significant part is that if you publish good content, you will also have a chance to get influencers’ attention on social media. 

But, does content marketing still work?

In 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay titled “Content is King,” and since then, we’ve seen so many debates on whether content marketing still works or not. Some companies are still taking advantage of the power of content, and on the contrary, there are companies, even big companies, that believe assigning a budget to produce content is a waste of money and time. 

If you want your business to thrive and beat your competitors, you’ve got to utilize content marketing that delights, engages, and attracts your prospects and customers (Strictly Digital). But, on the other side, the competition is fierce, everyone is producing content and doing content marketing (90% of all organizations, to be precise), and according to a study, only 5% of B2C marketers are finding all their content market ing activities to be very effective.

What do you think now? Is it fair to say that content marketing is definitely working, but it’s an easy job at all, and you should be patient, have a lot of ideas, and manage to produce high-quality content that is attractive to both search engines and real users. 

Let’s review some tips on how to come up with a content plan strategy that actually works and helps you grow your visibility in search results and social media, drive more traffic to your website/application, and increase your revenue gradually. 

What’s your goal? There are different channels to distribute your content, and each channel should have its own target group. You should define your goals and specify what type of content should be published where, and what purpose it serves. To dive more traffic? To increase sales? To identify your brand to the public? Or other purposes. 

Who’s your audience? For each distribution channel, you should target different audience types, and you should know your audience well enough to provide content to relate to. What you publish on TikTok is definitely not going to work if you publish it on LinkedIn!

Who are your competitors? And what are they doing? Keep a close eye on your competitors. Not only it helps you to see what they are up to, but it also gives you decent ideas on what type of content you should cover as part of your content marketing plan.

Be patient! 90% of organizations are using content marketing to achieve their goals. So, don’t expect to stand out after running your plan in a short period of time. Be patient and try to stick to the plan. 

Optimization is the key! And last but not least is about optimizing your plan continuously. While you should be patient to see the results, you should also try to constantly improve your content plan based on the feedback and latest trends. 

What else? There is a lot to cover and talk about. But, one thing for sure is that content marketing is still working and the content itself is still king. You should consider a content marketing plan as a cycle rather than a one-off task, and you should pay more attention to the optimization part to get the desired results.