The official Instagram application on Android doesn’t let you save videos or images on your device memory, but sometimes some 15-second videos are just too cute to ignore and you just want to watch them over and over in offline mode without the need to an internet connection.
In this AW Center article we show you some easy ways to save and download Instagram videos on Android as well as of course images, no matter that very video (or image) has been uploaded by a private user or a public profile. For sure, you must be following the private user in order to download multimedia content from his/her profile.
So let’s get started and download Instagram videos and images on Android phones and tablets:


1. Take a screen shot :)

It’s obvious, but sometimes the obvious might get forgotten. To save an Instagram image, you can easily take a screen shot and that’s it.


2. Instagram Video Saver: To Save Videos and Images from a Public Instagram Profile

There are so many applications which let you save and download Instagram videos and images on your Android phone, but Instagram Video Saver is our choice as it delivers what it’s meant to do in a very neat and clear way.
So, do as follows to download Instagram videos on Android:
2. Open Instagram application on your device and find the public video/image you’d like to save
3. Scroll down and tap the 3dot icon and then tap the “Copy Share URL” option
4. Now, open the Instagram Video Saver, and since the application automatically pastes your last clipboard’s item in the search box, simple tap the Download button
5. Choose whether to download the image or the video (if available)
6. And wait for the download process to finish
7. To view and watch the saved image/video you can either go to the Downloads tab in the app or use a file manager which you can find the downloaded content under this path: /sdcard/InstaDownloader


If the mentioned application doesn’t work on your device for any reason, you still have plenty of other choices to use, which function with the same method as Instagram Video Saver does. Some of these applications
Video Downloader for Instagram, instadown, and InstaSave - Instagram Save.


3. GetThemAll: To Save Videos and Images from a Private Instagram Profile

The previous method has a big flaw, as you don’t have the option to save videos/image from private profiles even though you are already following them. So, what’s the solution? Do as follows to save and download Instagram Videos from Private profiles on Android:
Make sure you have already followed the profile you’d like to save multimedia content from
2. Open the application and use the integrated web browser to open the Instagram website
3. Login to your account and browse for the video/image to be saved
4. Tap the floating download button located on the bottom right
4. Now the entire available multimedia files on that very specific page are shown
5. Mark the item(s) you’d like to save and tap the Download button
6. Wait for the download to complete and now you can view the downloaded video/image file under this path: /sdcard/GetThemAll
Note that you can also use the Filters option to view only specific extensions.


If you just want to save Instagram images (from both public and private profiles), taking a screenshot is the most efficient way. Trust us! But to save Instagram videos on Android, depending on the type of the profile you need to use the method number 2 or number 3. For downloading public videos, since there are so many available alternatives you can install all of them and see which offers the best experience. But for saving private videos, we couldn’t find any other reliable solution other than the explained one in the above.

SO, what is your favorite way to save and download Instagram videos on Android?