If your job relies on tracking the distance you’ve covered and the number of trips you’ve had during a certain period, then you are going to need to have a mileage tracker app. Like any other category, there are so many apps for such purpose and after trying a few mileage applications, we found Driversnote (also known as Mileage Tracker on Autopilot one of the best in its kind.

This GPS trip tracker app does everything you should expect from such tracking applications and it does them all with perfect quality. If you enable the autopilot mode, you just need to hit the Start and Stop buttons as soon as you start your trip and reach the destinations. Mileage Tracker on Autopilot will automatically track the distance as well as other needed data for your mileage claim reporting.


According to the developer’s notes, this mileage tracker app complies with the IRS requirements and if you are one of those who drive for work, then you can easily rely on the generated mileage reports. The IRS mileage rates are updated automatically to make sure the real-time rates are applied to your latest trips.


What I liked most about this free mileage tracker app: First of all, Driversnote delivers what it is supposed to do and you can completely trust on the reports. I also liked the option to separate your private trips from your business trip and categorize them separately.

It also complies with the IRS requirements and your mileage documentation can be used as part of the local tax requirements for reimbursements.


Should I download the Driversnote? If you are driver (and drive for work), and looking for a reliable and accurate mileage tracker app, then you should definitely give the Driversnote a try. According to the developers, the default government values have been automatically entered for the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Denmark and Sweden countries, and you need to manually enter your own rates for other countries.

Download Driversnote on your Android device and share your experiences with us in the comments.