I’ve always been a fan of hyper-casual games with easy to learn gameplay and endless challenges. Electri-City is a fresh arcade game that checks every box for me, from the one-touch gameplay and endless challenges, and the leaderboard feature to compete against family and friends. 

What to expect from Electri-City? Your objective in this shooter game is to keep the city lit by shooting at the power orbs. The gameplay is as simple as tilting the device to aim at the targets and tap to shoot at the power towers. 

Your time is limited, and you need to aim and shoot at the pylons before running out of time and the city going into the power outage.

What do I like the most about Electri-City?

The very first thing that took my attention is the fast-paced gameplay and how concentrated you should be to last longer and run a further distance. 

aim shoot power tower

I also liked the endless challenges where you can keep shooting at the power orbs and continue your addictive adventure. Don’t take the easy to learn gameplay and smooth animations for granted. For me, it took a couple of tries to get the idea, and after that, my focus was to do whatever it took to shoot at the targets from a farther distance. 

Is Electri-City worth a try?

If you are looking for a hyper-casual game with endless gameplay, this shooter game won’t disappoint you at all. The addictive gameplay and unexpected challenges make sure endless fun and entertainment without getting bored or tired. There is also the leaderboard feature to compete against family and friends. 

Overall, Electri-City is a fast-paced aiming and shooting game for killing some time in your spare time and improving your reaction time.

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