New to Android? Here are the essential Android Apps for New users which cover these categories: Business, Communication, Finance, Music & Video, News, Personalization, Photography, Productivity, Shopping, Social, and Tools.

These Android apps are the best in their respective categories and the AW Center editorial team strongly recommends them, to make the most out of your Android device.

Weclome to Android, the world of adventures and fun.
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Part VII - Essential Android Apps for

1. Clean Master: Let it Manage Your Device

Since you are new to Android, you definitely need an app to manage running apps and tasks, clear cached files and make some free memory. You can easily install Clean Master and have the app do all the mentioned tasks for you.


2. GO Backup & Restore Pro: Always Have A Backup

Installing an Android backup app, makes you sure that you never lose your important files and data. There are so many apps to backup your device, but GO Backup & Restore Pro is an easy to use yet professional Android app which lets you easily create backup and restore them whenever needed.

G Cloud Backup is another easy to use yet professional Android app which pr ovide some free cloud storage to store the backup of your device.


3. AirDorid: A Remote Desktop Solution

What AirDoroid does is providing the option to manage your Android device from a desktop web browser. You can remotely manage your files, install apps, send text message, and many more wirelessly.


4. Onavo Count: Manage and Control your Internet Data Usage

Unless you have an unlimited data plan, Onavo Count is a Must Have Android App on your Android device. It is the best way to manage and control your data usage with so many options and features.


5. Tiny Flashlight + LED: Use Your Device As A Torch

Some Android devices, like Galaxy S4, come with a default feature to use the camera LED flash as a flashlight. If your device doesn’t have such feature, then Tiny Flashlight + LED is the best choice you have.


6.Battery HD: Monitor Battery Usage

You need to install Battery HD for 2 purposes: add the battery percentage on the notification bar or home screen, and see how many hours you have left for doing some tasks, like listening to music or watching video, with your device.