How do you usually keep a copy of your favorite content across different social networking and instant messaging platforms? How about when you want to save some private notes or capture some ideas? 

Keep on reading this article, as we are going to review one of the best productivity applications to store your text and multimedia content in secure cloud storage. 

EverBox is a free note-taking and cloud storage app for Android that works like a clipboard that supports almost any file type with unlimited available slots to add new content. 

What to expect from EverBox?

This cloud storage app connects instantly to your favorite social apps and allows you to save your favorite Instagram posts or Facebook videos to your cloud storage without having to go through a complicated process. You only need to share your favorite content, choose Everbox from the list, and you are done.

When it comes to taking a note, you can instantly add a text note or utilize the voice memo recorder feature to keep an audio note in your cloud storage. 

There is also an advanced search engine helping you to find any content with ease.

everbox cloud storage

What do I like the most about EverBox?

The clean and uncluttered UI took my attention at first glance. There is a whopping 100GB of storage that makes sure you never run out of storage, and you can add as many multimedia and text notes to your cloud storage. 

I also liked the hashtagging system that helps you to find any content without seconds. 

And last but not least is the extensive support for adding different file types, including voice memos, text notes, videos, photos, documents, and much more.

Is EverBox worth a try?

The answer is YES if you are looking for a very well-designed note-taking app that not only supports adding text notes and voice memos, but also photos and videos from any social network and instant messaging platform. 

EverBox has got you covered if you are looking for secure cloud storage to save your multimedia files and documents in a safe place.

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