Artificial intelligence is found in every form of technology we use and many that we wouldn’t ever expect to be touched by this quickly developing landscape of rapid innovation. It seems like no matter where you look these days, there is some form of artificial intelligence hiding just beneath the surface working to make our lives simpler and more efficient. From home assistants to ad services and even the way you came upon this very article itself are all influenced behind the scenes by artificial intelligence. 

It is easy to see the obvious examples of everyday AI technology in our lives, from Google Home to Siri and every virtual assistant program in between. Even some things as simple as streaming television shows and movies online are all touched by artificial intelligence that can learn your likes and dislikes to show you more of the same content that you enjoy seeing. But some of the most surprising aspects of this unique and multifaceted technology are often hiding right under our noses. 

With a little research and exploration of the practical applications of artificial intelligence, you will soon be able to see the subtle and hidden ways in which this technology influences our lives from day today. With a greater understanding of the inner workings of these complex systems, you will be able to easily spot the prolific nature in which it has infiltrated and changed the way the world around you works. For some, this can be a surprising realization but for others, the excitement of this potential the future holds will be as thrilling as each new advance and innovation this rapidly changing field brings to light. 

If you are interested in learning more about the history and scope of this new technological landscape, the best place to start is with one of the vast numbers of books available on the subject. 

Cool Things Chicago’s list of the 22 Best Artificial Intelligence Books to Read in 2020 is a great place to start for those who want to understand more about artificial intelligence and how it applies to our everyday lives. Otherwise, continue reading below for a snapshot of how many different AI technologies are hiding in plain sight in your daily life.


How We Buy Homes

Whether you are buying or selling a home, one of the first things many people will do is search the internet for information about neighborhoods, homes, and even financing. But what you might not know is that these quick searches are often filled to the brim with all sorts of different artificial intelligence that helps make the process easier for everyone. 

Popular home buying sites and apps such as Zillow use complicated and finely-tuned algorithms to determine everything from estimated price to neighborhood scores and appeal. Even school ratings and the ease of access to public transportation are all influenced by artificial intelligence to help give home buyers and sellers access to the most accurate information available at any given time. 

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What Images We See Online

Whether it is a scroll through a popular image-heavy app like Pinterest and Instagram or a search for the right blouse on an online retail site, the images we see on our screens are all tailored to reflect our personal likes and dislikes. On the surface, it might seem as simple as clicking a button on the screen, but behind the scenes, programs are running complex formulas that calculate everything from how much time you look at something to how often you indicate you like similar things. Even the simple act of sharing it with someone else or saving an image to your device all get considered as these programs customize your viewing experience more and more with each use of the program. 

While these algorithms and formulas might not be as complex as some of the more intense deep-learning programs that exist in the realm of artificial intelligence, these complex systems are still analyzing tons of information. Sometimes as fast as a blink of an eye! You might not realize how often the things you see online are influenced by complex technology that is working to understand your tastes in a way that you might not even fully understand. 


Where We Get Our Information

It is easy to see AI in things like ad preferences and suggested items to add to your online orders, but did you know that even the results you see in a simple search engine are all carefully calculated and curated? On the surface, it is easy to assume that the results of a search inquiry or browsing through a news site is just a part of how the internet works, but the results you see on your screen are all heavily influenced by complex machine learning systems. Everything matters when it comes to providing the best information as quickly as possible and these intricate programs are all continually analyzing content to ensure that the most accurate results always show first. 

There is a complex science behind the algorithms that help define the best information to show consumers exactly what they are looking for when searching for information online. Everything from the speed to the length and the ease with which something can be understood. All of these factors are weighed and calculated to determine the best content to show a user depending on their search or personal viewing history. 

The next time you look for something on a search engine or within a site, you will be astonished when you realize just how swiftly the options are returned and how well-suited they are, all because of artificial intelligence in the background. 

The world of artificial intelligence is a vast and complex one that promises to change every aspect of our lives in ways we might not even realize. The more you know about this incredible technology, the more you will begin to see its effects on your life, in ways both big and small! It exists all around us, even when we can't see it, working at lightning speed to make our lives easier.