September should be officially named as the busiest month of the year regarding announcing new smartphones, tablets and from this year wearable devices. Apple with the latest version of iPhone along with its long waited smartwatch iWatch, Samsung with the forth iteration of its popular Galaxy Note series and of course a couple of new wearable devices including the Virtual Reality Headset, Sony with perhaps Xperia Z3, and Motorola with new smartphones and Moto 360 are some of the products we are looking forward to see during September 2014.


In this AW Center article, we review the latest leaks and rumors about Motorola event on September 4th, to show you what to expect from Motorola event this summer. According to the Motorola’s invitation which was sent out in the shape of an animated paper fortune teller, at least 4 products will be announced by the OEM: the next versions of Moto X and Moto G, the Moto360 with its unique design, and a headset.

Moto X+1: Moto X Successor

When Motorola announced Moto X last year, it mainly focused on optimizing the user’s interaction with the smartphone rather than just using the most powerful hardware features possible. This strategy could absorb the attention of the users and thanks to the fantastic Moto Maker feature, the Moto X managed to reserve a top rank in almost everyone’s best smartphones of the year.

Now, Motorola is about to refresh the Moto X lineup and according to the rumors the Moto X successor will be named Moto X+1, and a recently leaked benchmark result suggests a 5.2-inch FHD display, 2.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset, 2GB of RAM, and a 12MP main camera for Moto X+1.


If we trust the benchmark result and suppose Motorola will be managing to keep the price as much as the Moto X and also add some functional software features (like the ones on the Moto X including Active Display), then we should definitely put the Moto X’s successor at the top of our wanted list above the Galaxy Note 4 and even iPhone 6.


Moto G2: Moto G Successor

Motorola announced Moto G to prove other OEMs that it is still possible to create an affordable device with acceptable features.

To know more ab out Moto G2 latest rumors and reliable reports read: Moto G2 Images and Specs Leaked

Motorola will definitely keep the G2’s price under the $200 without sacrificing the important features of the device.


Moto360:‌ Android Wear Powered Smartwatch with a Round Design

Google officially entered the wearable devices road by announcing the customize version of Android, Android Wear back in March 2014. LG and Samsung were the first two companies to use Android Wear as the OS of their smartwatches and Motorola will be the third company. While the smartwatches produced by the former companies were poorly designed, everyone is eagerly waiting to see how Android Wear will function in a round frame which looks like an actual wrist watch rather than a cube-like Samsung Gear Live or LG G Watch. While the most distinguished and exciting feature of Moto360 goes to its unique design, but there are still some other features which should be noted. These features are: Wireless Charging, IP67 standard which means a water proof design, heart rate sensor, and a long lasting battery life.


There is no doubt that Moto360 will be the best smartwatch to this day, but we should wait for the Motorola event in Chicago on September 4th to see how Motorola’s pricing policy with affect the Moto360’s sale.


A Bluetooth Headset: A Possible Earbud with Mysterious Features

While there are so many reports and rumors about the Moto X+1, Moto G2 and Moto360, the fourth member of devices to be announced during the Motorola Event is a complete mystery. According to the invitation we should expect a Bluetooth headset from Motorola and based on some hunches the headset is always listening to you in case you say: OK Google. It means the headset can actually perform the main functionalities of a phone, which are calling and texting, without the need to bring out the phone from your pocket.

The Motorola’s new Bluetooth headset is expected to be Google Now enabled, and will be definitely smarter than the current headsets, but we should wait for the Motorola Event to see how it is going to be different and smarter?

So, what do you think about the Moto X+1, Moto G, Moto360 and the headset? Which one of these products are you looking forward to own more?