Factory Balls is one of the most fun Android games in the Brain & Puzzle category which really makes you think in each of the 44 levels. In this puzzle game you just need to achieve a simple objective: Change the shape of a ball to match it with a provided picture by using different tools. You may need to change the color of the ball, protect the top half of the ball with a hat, change the shape of the ball to a mouse, or use some belts and wooden hats. There is also a trash bin icon in some levels which resets all the changes you have made to the ball so far. It is really helpful when you are just staring at the screen and thinking of a new way to reshape the ball.

Unlike some other Brain games which don’t provide any tutorial and help at the beginning of the game, Factory Balls provide a quick help in the first level and you get to know that You should try to make the ball on the box to advance to next level. Different tools and object can be applied to the ball, by either drag & drop the ball over that object, or just tap the object.


There are three ways to complete each level. One is by tapping each tool randomly and hope to change the ball into the desired s tyle, the other one is to use cheats and walkthroughs, and the last way is to use some brain.

Like any other Games, the most topics of complain are about not enough levels and asking for adding some extra levels.  What we are looking for aside from more levels, is about increasing the diversity of tools to decrease the possibility of random guesses and more challenging levels. We were also thinking of a Sphere with the possibility of rotating and reshaping it.

If we want to discuss about some down sides, we should mention the difficulty of levels. Since all level are coming one after the other, you may get stuck in the first levels or pass all the levels in a couple of hours. It would absorb more groups of people if the game had different levels with different difficulties, and each person could choose which difficulty is going to pick.


Factory Balls is one of the best Android games in its category and is really worth the money. If you are looking for some brain activity accompanied by some fun, don’t miss this challenging game.

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