What do fake call apps do? They make an incoming call with pre-defined number and phone as the caller ID. To get fake calls on Android, all you have to do is installing one of these fake caller ID apps on your phone, make some simple changes in the settings, and wait for your phone to ring at the given time with fake caller ID.

These Android apps to simulate fake calls, are useful when you are in a meeting and thinking of an excuse to leave the meeting. They can also be used as a prank to friends, when you schedule to have a fake call from a celebrity.

When you search for fake call apps in the Play Store, you’ll see so many apps with the same functionality and even with the same name. Some of these apps have been designed very poorly and come with lots of ads. They also don’t offer to set an exact time for incoming calls to happen and the list of dialer’s designs are too limited. In the following we first review 3 best apps to simulate fake calls on Android, and then we show you how to get fake calls on Android.


1. Fake Call (Developed by keladan)
This fake call and SMS app comes with a simple to use interface with the least disturbing ads. You can easily set custom time to ring, ringtone and of course name, number and picture of the caller. The only drawback of this Fake Call app is its limited dialer designs to Samsung Galaxy devices and Android Nexus devices or any other phone using the Android’s stock dialer.

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2. Fake Call (Developed by NorthPark.Android)
This fake call app has used the material design to make it look more modern than other fake call apps. To simulate a fake call, you just need to provide the caller information, as well as the ringtone, vibration status and the time of the call to happen. There is also the option to simulate the call as a Private Call and set an interval to repeat this defined fake call. The dialer’s interface in this app offers more devices, including the Xiaomi, Moto G or Moto X, Sony, HTC and LG devices.
There is also an option to send the screen shots of your dialer app and wait for the developers to include it in the app.

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3. Fake Call (Developed by Simple Design Ltd.)
This Fake Call app is the most downloaded app on the Google Play Store which comes with a simple yet ugly interface and any feature you expect from these types of apps. Other than the old design, the ads seem to be irritating when setting up the fake call.  

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Here is a guide to show you How to Get Fake Calls on Android:

Step1: Download and install the Fake Call app on your Android device

Step2: Open the app and if you are on Android Marshmallow, grant it the required permissions

Step3: Type the caller’s name, number and select a photo as the caller’s photo

Step4: Tap the Delay option to specify when you need the phone to ring. (Touch the Custom Time option to specify the exact time and date)

Step5: Tap the Incoming Interface to specify the type of dialer’s phone. (As mentioned earlier, this app only supports Galaxy devices or the ones with Android’s stock dialer app)

Step6: Change the voice, ringtone and vibration status

Step7: Hit the Save button

TIP: You can add several fake calls and schedule them at any time you want.