Utility Forces is a software development company that focuses on developing military-grade applications. Sweep & Zone is one of their latest applications designed mainly for the field artillery team and assist them in “delivering fast, safe and accurate fires by reducing human errors in times of stress.”

What to expect from Sweep & Zone? This free field artillery app utilizes an accurate Sweep and Zone calculator and facilitates the process of aiming an artillery piece. To get started, you’d need to input the changes in mils, the number of deflections and quadrants, and your base deflection and quadrant. It’s also integrated with safety T to deliver much more accurate gun laying calculations. 

According to the developers, they are working on the GPS and Compass features which will be available soon.

Field Artillery App

What do I like the most about Sweep & Zone? 

This f ield artillery application delivers everything it advertises, and it offers it in a very clean and neat way. Looking at the background of the app’s developers, you have access to an accurate Sweep and Zone calculator to compute the required data in record time. You can easily tap to check the data that has been fired, and you will see unsafe data in Red color. 

Besides the functionality, I also like their monetization policy, where you get to try for five times free of charge. This gives you enough tries to evaluate the app and see how accurate and helpful the calculator is. 

 Is Sweep & Zone worth a try?

As mentioned in the beginning, this app is designed for the field artillery team, and if you are looking for an accurate calculator to do the computing and deliver a fast and safe shooting experience, you have come to the right place. 

While the first five tries are available for free, for unlimited usage, you can upgrade the monthly or annual plan priced at  $0.99 and $9.99, respectively.

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Important note: Make sure to read the app's Privacy Policy before trying to use the calculator for firing.