We lose our equipment often, but what if we lose our Android Gadget (smartphone or tablets)? Calling your phone is not a good option as your phone could be on Silent. What if it is stolen? What if you have left it in a restaurant in another city? Well, there is an answer to all that by using: Where is my droid. Where is my Droid? Using the app Where is my Droid, you can find your Android gadget easy and quick. It helps users find their devices by increasing ringtone volume, disabling silent or mute mode or even turning on camera Flash to ease finding the device. If your device is not somewhere near, no problem! You can get its exact position on the map using GPS. If someone stole your device and change the SIM Card, take it easy. You will be informed immediately and you can remotely control your device. You can even have the device to capture the thief photo. Features

  • Find the device using ringtone or vibration
  • Show the device’s location on the map using GPS
  • Control the device remotely
  • Set password on the application
  • Notify users by email, if SIM Card is changed
Pro Features
    < li dir="ltr">Capture photos remotely (rear and front cameras)
  • Lock the device remotely
  • Erase SD Memory data remotely
  • Erase Internal Memory data remotely
  • Set a specific ringtone for the device

How to find the lost device? How to Find My Android Phone?
First, register on the application’s website using your Google Account associated with your smartphone or tablet. Now to find your device, go to Where is My Droid Website,  then go to Commander and find the Android icon. Choose your gadget type and finally you will be asked to choose the finding method. For example you can select to see your device location on the map using GPS or to do some other stuff like locking the device, capturing photos, erasing memory and many more that you can do remotely. Where is my Droid is available on Google Play and requires Android 2.2+.