Some features and apps on Android devices usually take for granted and you don’t understand their high importance, unless you really need them. Finding lost Android phone, and tracking the location of your loved ones, are such features that you don’t usually need them in normal situations. But in emergencies and when you lose your phone or worried about your kids, the very first thing comes to your mind would be:  wish I had installed a Find My Phone app and could easily locate my phone.

That’s why, we always encourage our readers to take these security cautions seriously. The good news is that, today we found a great app, called “Find My Phone”, which as the name suggests, is for locating your phone and tracking the GPS of allowed devices.


So, how does “Find My Phone” work?

Well, the process is so simple. After creating an account and setting up the app, all you need to do to locate your connected devices is just a single tap. In order to be able to track GPS of your child, your wife/husband, and other friends and family members, they should be connected to your account (just one time). The app runs silently in the background and in case of emergency you’ll see how valuable it can be.

This is for tracking GPS when you already have your mobile phone with yourself. But, if you’ve lost your phone or got it stolen, you just need to login to the application’s website and track your phone from there.


Find My Phone Main Features at a Glance:

  • Super easy user interface with the least difficulty possible
  • Easily track GPS and find the location of your phone
  • Track the location of your child, wife, husband, father, mother, and other family and friends
  • Getting real-time locations anytime, anywhere
  • Find the location of your lost or stolen phone
  • Track the location from both a mobile device or a web browser
  • Completely FREE

In overall, Find My Phone has been developed for your device and your family protection, and we believe it does the job neat and clean. The app is an accurate mobile tracker which can be easily trusted when it comes to GPS tracking and finding the location of your loved ones (including you). Thanks to the app’s website, you are not limited to the app in the phone, and you can get the most out of the app right from your laptop or PC using a web browser.

Find My Phone is completely free for Android phone and tablets, and if you care about your family and take security seriously, you are strongly recommended to install it.

We hope you never lose your phone and none of your family members get lost, but when it happens there is no time for regret.

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