Health is something really important and we can get help from technology to improve it and be healthy. There are lots of Android apps for fitness & health and today, we are going to compare two of the most famous ones: Fitbit and Google Fit Android app. You can use this app to check your daily health and know what you have done for your health on the day; for example, you can know how much you have walked. About Google Fit and Fitbit Android app, we will give you some reasons to know which one offers better features and you can decide which one suits you better.


Exercise Diary

This feature is only available in Fitbit Android app. You can keep track of your previous workouts using this features and it might help you in planning for the next workouts.


Rating on Google Play

Higher rate on Google Play can show how happy were the users with the app and Google Play Android app surpasses Fitbit in this field. Google Fit Android app has got 4.3 on Google Play while Fitbit's rate is 4.


Measuring Pace

This is only available in Google Fit and you will understand how fast you can run or walk. First it measures the distance and the time it has taken to finish and then it will measure your pace. For example, 1 kilometer in 4 minutes is a brilliant pace .


Exercise Tagging

This feature, which only exists in Fitbit, makes you available to add details of your workouts; for example, you can add what exercise you have been doing: jogging, swimming, cycling, etc. It can also help the device to calculate the burnt calories. It's a great feature which makes it one of the best Android apps for health.


Distance Tracking

This feature will help you know how much distance you have travelled and the more distance you cover, the more calories you burn. So, this feature will be a great help for the ones who want to lose weight and again, it is only available in Fitbit Android app.


Barcode Scanner

Fitbit has a barcode scanner which can read the food barcodes and get the information of it and calculate the calorie intake.


Tracking Water and Calorie Intake

Drinking water is very important for your health and you can have a control on it if you know the amount of your daily water intake. Also, calories gained by eating should be burnt and you shall know the calorie intake to burn. Fitbit can measure both of them for you.


There also lots of other features, such as weight tracking, that both of these Android apps for health have in common. Anyhow, we talked about Google Fit Android app and Fitbit features but both of them are great and the decision is up to you that which one is better. Please share your ideas with us.

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