If you have an interest in technology, it is probable that you have heard about the emergence of consumer-ready virtual reality technology - also known as VR technology.  If you aren't too sure what I am talking about, let me describe VR.  VR refers to the strap on the head headset with the controls being grabbed by a person's hand.  Basically, it is the technology that helps a person enter a world of their own without leaving the real world.

While the majority of game developers are leading the revolution in VR's potential, there are many designers who see virtual reality as a tool for accelerating skill acquisition.  For example, VR technology can be utilized as a flight simulation tool for any technical exercise that is too dangerous, costly or inconvenient to conduct in reality.  VR has also been hailed as one of the most empathic machines for any soft-skill training tools.

Despite many benefits being available with the use of VR technology now, VR's cousin for augmented reality promises further revolutionary transformations in the future.  The transformation involves modifying performance support using overlaying visuals and other information over the real world.  However, there are various learning developers who are adopting a "wait and see" approach to these new technologies with the thought that future VR may be an error.  This article provides information on the top five reasons why VR technology is not a mistake.

VR Technology Works

Various research studies demonstrated the effectiveness and efficacy of VR learning.  In one study professional football quarterbacks used virtual reality training measures and results indicated that their decision-making skills were improved by 30%.  This means that they were able to make decisions regarding plays approximately one second quicker than before.

Another study conducted by Standard University found that users utilizing VR technology are able to retain at least 33% more information when trained with VR as compared to those using a standard video.

Studies on phobias found that public speaking fears were reduced by approximately 20% using VR technology and nine out of ten participants showed a reduction in their fear of heights.

VR Mass Marketing Is Almost Available

Living in the age of technology, it is needless to say that virtual technology is upon us.  While it can still be considered a niche market, this will soon change - really soon.  Once Apple launches their mixed reality devices in the next year or two, it is possible that approximately 100 million mixed reality devices could be used by the population overnight.  Furthermore, Google's Android is increasing their use of VR and augmented reality capacities regarding apps with Microsoft not being far behind.

If you are willing to bet against these media titans regarding the use of virtual technology, the forces of Moore's Law on steroids may count against you.  Moore's Law on steroids will make VR technology more affordable, more effective, and more ubiquitous in the future.  Thinking about this, what will you tell your boss when he asks about training measures for new iGlasses?

VR Development Is Cost-Effective

The cost of development of three-dimensional gadgets has been reduced dramatically over the past few years.  Furthermore, the leverage of development cost for VR technology has been deployed using the same simulation to all flat-screen devices.  The Unity game engine powering the majority of VR experiences across the platform is already contributing to the development of simulation gadgets; however, it is at an affordable rate.  This is one of the reasons that the VR business is growing substantially and why virtual reality stocks are a hot commodity right now.

Development Today With Deployment On Future VR Or AR Headsets

Unfortunately to say the VR headset in the office will soon be completely obsolete.  Fortunately, the learning experiences you gained from using VR headsets are not obsolete.  Unity is destined to become the "lingua franca" of all mixed reality gadgets and developments of future VR/AR headsets.  This means that when a new headset is available, you will be able to use it by accessing existing knowledge.

Taking Advantage Of The Novelty Element

The majority of employees may not have experienced high-quality VR technology yet, which will provide room for positional tracking.  This means you can walk around with specialized hand-held controllers and a headset engaging in reality.  It is an outstanding experience for beginners and the novelty of the item can be astonishing.