What does it take to create viral and additive games for phones and tablets? How many of these following characteristics should a fun game have? Eye-catching 3D graphics, mind blowing puzzles, perfect gameplay, interesting story, different challenging levels…

What about an 8-bit game, with no story or levels, no change of difficulty, with a gameplay as simple as just tapping the screen? Well, if you think such game has no chance to succeed, we should say you are completely wrong as Flappy Bird managed to get on the top of both Google Play Store and Apple Store with a so simple interface and a gameplay limited to tapping the screen.


Flappy Bird is an extremely addictive game which needs you to tap on screen to flap your wings to fly and avoid pipes. Is that all? Yes, it is.

Changing the color of the bird each time you play, changing the background from day to night, and using the green pipes that look like the pipes on the popular Super Mario Bros, are all the creativity the developer has used to make such addictive game.

When you start playing and find your way (the bird’s way through the green play), your get a score as you pass each pipe and your final score equals the number of passed pipes and you’ll be also rewarded with a Bronze, Silver, Gold (hard), or Platinum (very hard) medal based on your score. Now, the game starts to get addictive as you try to beat your high score. So, you just start again and you may not literally notice the time until you get a new high score. And the challenge begins again..


 There is also an option to connect your Google Play Games to Flappy Bird, but since the best scores seems to be fake, you can challenge your friends to boost the fun and enjoy even more.

Flappy Bird doesn’t have any in-app purchase and sometimes you’ll only see some ads which aren’t irritating at all. If you are ready to spend some time on breaking your own record and get addicted to a simple game, then click on the link below and download Flappy Bird from Google Play Store.

By the way, my personal record is 36...oh! No...wait…it is 58 now : )

Download From Google Play

The first update is about my high score which is now 172 : )
and the other update is about the developer's latest Tweeter post, which hey says he will remove the game from iOS App store and Google Play Store today, because he “cannot take this anymore.” According to Dong Nguyen's other posts, he doesn't have any plans to sell his hit game. but he will keep making games in the future.
While iOS and Android users have still the chance to download Flappy Birds for their devices, Windows Phone users will never see the genuine version of Flappy Birds on their Microsoft powered phones.