Be as fast and precise as it takes to hit the ball at the correct time and place, challenge your response time, and improve your concentration skills. This is my first impression when playing this arcade game for the very first time. 

Focus Modus is an addictive and endless game in which you get to challenge your response time by tapping the ball at the correct moment. There is a time bar on the left side of the screen, and when the pointer in the time bar reaches the red/yellow zone, you should hit on the ball. As you progress, the ball starts moving and the pointer in the bar runs faster. So, you need to be fully focused on the gameplay, if you wish to hit more balls and improve your high score. 

Improve your reaction time and concentration skills

As mentioned above, the main objective of the game is to hit the ball at the correct moment. You should react fast enough to not only lose one of your hearts but also collect more rewards. The closer you are to the Red zone when hitting the ball, the more points you will collect. And the leaderboard feature enables you to compete against family, friends, and other players all around the world. 

Focus Modus for Android

Should I give this addictive arcade game a try?

If you like playing such fast-paced arcade games to challenge your reaction time, Focus Modus won’t disappoint you at all. It comes with a very straightforward concept and the one-touch gameplay helps you get used to it when you start hitting on the first set of balls. 

On the other side, if you like getting into competition with family and friends, this arcade game has got you covered. You can connect with your Facebook account to see how focused and concentrated your friends are.

You can download Focus Modus from Google Play Store for free and have fun hitting the ball at the right moment.