Football Quiz Duel is a turn-based multiplayer football trivia game for all football fans around the world. This is a virtual form of real life football leagues. In this game, you will play as a member of your favorite club and compete against other club fans of your soccer league in a 6 round quiz duel match. Winner will get points that will be contributed to the club. Like a real life football league, there are clubs standings of each soccer league. Club’s position in the standing is determined based on their fans' contributed points. After every season, the top 2 clubs are promoted to the higher football league and the last 2 clubs are relegated to lower football league.

Game features:

Qualification: For contributing points to your favorite club, you need to play qualification round and prove yourself as a fan.
Quick play: You can start a quick match at any time. Football Quiz Duel will automatically search for available opponents for your instant match.
Challenge: You can challenge any specific club from your league to compete.
Invite opponent: You can invite opponents of your league by their name and compete.
Statistics: Personal statistics, contribution data and performance analysis are included.
Standings: League standings are available where all the clubs rankings are shown.
Rematch: You can invite for a rematch against any of your opponents.
Fifty-fifty chance: While playing the 6 round quiz duel ma tch, you have to choose the correct answer from 4 options. But, by using a fifty-fifty chance, you can eliminate 2 options instantly.
Category shuffle: While you start the 6 round match, you can choose the category of questions from 3 given categories. But, by using ‘Category shuffle’ options, you can reshuffle the category types and get new categories.


- Top 64 football clubs of the world are included and placed into 3 football leagues. More clubs will be added soon.
- An ocean of mind-blowing questions (both latest and classical).
- 12 hours’ time to play a round.
- Maximum 8 active games at a time for free users and 20 active games for premium users.
- Free joker cards to use in fifty-fifty chance and shuffle categories.
- ‘Ad-free version’ for premium users.
- ‘Report question’ option for the users.
- Sound on/off, sharing and feedback sending features are included.
- Custom logo design and awesome user experience.
- Cool graphics, smooth animation and effects.

Football trivia has never been so exciting! So, what are you waiting for? Download Football Quiz Duel from the Google Play Store and make your club topper in the standings. Welcome to our football quiz duel community.