Welcome to the land of juicy fruits, where you should find and burst as many matching color fruits to reach the level’s mission before running out of time. 

Fruit Blast Adventures is an addictive match-3 puzzle game and like any other match-three puzzle game, your objective is to try to connect at least 3 fruits of the same and blast them all. Each level comes with a specific mission and you should keep finding and bursting fruits to solve the puzzle and move to the next level.

What do I like the most about Fruit Blast Adventures?

I did enjoy the very fast-paced gameplay. Unlike most of the other match-3 puzzle games that limit the number of allowed movements, on Fruit Blast Adventures, your time is limited, and you need to be superfast should you wish to complete the challenge. 

Fruit Blast Adventures Addictive Match 3 Puzzle
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As for the gameplay, you only need to tap on one of them connected fruits (the same fruits) to burst them all. The animations are smooth and you don’t feel any lag or slowness when bursting and blasting the juicy fruits. 

I also found the ads to be very un-annoying and they won’t disturb you at all.

Is Fruit Blast Adventures worth a try?

It’s highly likely that you have already tried at least one match-3 puzzle game. But, if you are looking for a match-3 game with fast-paced gameplay to improve your reflexes and concentration skills, you should give this fruit game a try. 

This match-3 puzzle game is also very helpful for killing some time in your spare time. With the variety of available levels with different challenges and the high-quality graphics and cool sound effects, make sure you never get bored or tired. 

Download Fruit Blast Adventures from Play Store and have fun finding matching-color fruits and bursting them to reach the level’s mission.