Samsung Galaxy Note series is without any doubt the best phablet series available regardless of the OS or the manufacturer. The great sales of Note family and the enhanced user experience are the 2 solid reasons to confidently say that Galaxy Note 3 is by far one of the best Samsung products and the best phablet available in the market.

GALAXY Note 3 Experience application is one of the many Samsung’s marketing plans which tries to get even more users to experience the amazing features of Galaxy Note 3 in almost any Android device.


If you are running Android 2.1 and up, head to Google Play Store and download GALAXY Note 3 Experience on your Android device, to get access to the following features:

  • See how Galaxy Note 3 can be part of your life in different aspects: Business, Productivity, Technology, Sports, Entertainment, Travel, Fashion, Social, and Lifestyle
  • Experience and try the innovative features of Galaxy Note 3 on your device
  • Watch hand on videos for each feature
  • View available accessories for the Galaxy Note 3:
  • Learn more about Galaxy Gear

The application has 3 main parts: Design Your Life, Key Features, and Accessories.

Design Your Life tries to show you how Galaxy Note 3 can be helpful in your daily life, especially in the areas of your interests. You get to choose 3 of your main fields of interests and then the application suggests the Galaxy Note 3 features that suit such interests. We must admit the suggestions were kind of funny though, as I chose Sports, Technology, and Social as the 3 main areas of interest and the application suggested these features to cover the selected areas: Hand s Free Call, Glance Notification, and Screen Write.


Samsung specified these features as the key features of the Galaxy Note 3: Air Command, Action Memo, Scrapbook, S Finder, Pen Window, New Multi Window, Direct Pen Input, New S Note, New Easy Clip, Glance Notification, Hands Free Call (via Galaxy Gear), and Memographer to capture quick moments.


Galaxy Note 3 official accessories are: S View Cover, Flip Wallet, S Charger Kit, S View Cover Wireless, S Pen. And you get to see more details about each of them.


If you still have doubts regarding the buying of this lovely phablet and you don’t have to option to work with it before buying, then Galaxy Note 3 Experience is the best available solution for you. The interactive interface gives you a perfect idea about what you will be dealing with, if get a Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

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