In this AW Center article, we cover the latest news about Galaxy S5 release date, rumors, specifications, features and every other related topics and news about the Samsung’s 2014 flagship.

Here are all the confirmed specs of Galaxy S5 so far:

  • Super AMOLED display, with 2,560 x 1,440 pixels of resolutions (QHD display)
  • 64-bit Exynos 6 / Snapdragon 805 processor
  • 16 MP Rear camera
  • Android 4.4.2 KitKat
  • Plastic and Metal versions
  • Fingerprint Sensor
  • to be unveiled in Barcelona on February 24

The strategy behind Samsung’s Galaxy S series is to make sure all the possible hardware and software technologies have been used to create the device, no matter if they are mature enough or even they ever used or not. Samsung gathers the best technology in its Galaxy S devices and then tries to improve them on the next versions, and while some call these features some gimmicks, other appreciate the Samsung’s strategy.

Since we have no exact launch and release date for the Samsung Galaxy S5, we try to update this article with the latest news about Galaxy S5 including release date, rumored specifications, expected features and more.

 Update 1We all expect so many software features to be available in the Galaxy S5, and one of which is expected to be multi-party videos conference calls (see number 8 for more details)

Update 2: GFX Bench updated its benchmark list with a new Samsung device with model number SM-G900S, which is expected to be Galaxy S5. See number 9 for the benchmark details.

Update 3: Samsung might use a Diamond-like material as the main element of the Galaxy S5's body. Scroll down and see #10 for more details

Update 4: The mass production just started?. See #11 for more details

Update 5:
Some Galaxy S5 Concept Designs surfaced. See #12 for the designs

Update 6:
Will Galaxy S5 be the first smart phone with 4GB of RAM? See #13 for more details

@evleaks twitted some pictures claiming to be the new Samsung UI, which is expected to be seen first on the Galaxy S5. See #14 for more details

Update 8:
One of the most discussed aspect of a new Galaxy phone, is for sure about the software features. Read #15 to see whether Samsung intends to finally implement either the eye sensor or finger senor, a more information about the new Samsung's patent in gestures category.

Update 9: Well, finally there is a confirmation for most of the Galaxy S5's leaked specs. Read #16 to see the confirmed specs of Galaxy S5 and know whether they are going to use Metal body or not!

Update 10: What are the Galaxy S5 biometric authentication methods? Fingerprint senor? Eye Recognition? Both? None?  Read #17 to get the answer.

Update 11: The first photo taken by Galaxy S5 camera leaked. Read #18 for more details

Update 12: The biometric authentication method used on Galaxy S5 might be a swipe fingerprint sensor. Read #19 for more details.

Update 13: O2 Germany seems to be getting ready to launch Galaxy S5 by the end of February. Read #20 for more details.

Update 14: Fingerprint sensor for Galaxy S5 confirmed. Read #21 for more details.

1. Finally a Galaxy S Device With Metal Body?

Samsung seems to finally have decided to replace metal body with its favorite plastic body, and a Galaxy S5 with fully aluminum body is highly expected. The dust and waterproof body has been also expected for the Galaxy S5

Recently some alleged Galaxy S5 frame leaked which supports the rumors about using metal frame on the Samsung’s new flagship.


2. Bigger Display with More Resolutions?

Samsung started the Galaxy S with 4” displays and now increased it to 5” on the Galaxy S4. We don’t know when Samsung stops making its devices larger, but we know for sure Samsung is going to produce Galaxy S5 with displays bigger than 5inches.

4K screens are promised to find their way to our phones some times in the 2015, but Samsung may increase the resolutions 1440 x 2560 pixels to just win the ppi battle!

And for those who would like to see the flexible screens on the Galaxy S5, we should say it is highly unlikely!


3. Galaxy S5 with a 16 MP ISOCELL Camera

At the beginning of the article, we mentioned that Samsung just wants to use the best options available for its Galaxy S devices, and Camera is not an exception. Using a 16 MP ISOCELL sensor has been confirmed for the Galaxy S5, but using OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) is still unconfirmed. We are not going to discuss about ISOCELL technology in details, but the images taken by this sensor are expected to be more color-accurate and sharper, and higher quality in low light conditions.

The Galaxy S5 is also expected to record 1080p videos at 60fps.

There are no details about the software features of the Galaxy S5 camera, but we are sure Samsung has prepared some new features just like it did for the Galaxy S4.


4. 64-bit Processor

Galaxy S5 will be definitely equipped with a 64-bit Exynos processor, and maybe the first Samsung device to have a true Octa-core performance. We are seeing 64-bit chipsets on the Galaxy S5, similar to Apple’s new smart phone, Phone 5S.

We are not sure whether Android OS is optimized enough for such processors, but Samsung wants to use the best CPU available, no matter if they are necessary or not.


5. Biometric Sensors

iPhone 5S and HTC One Max are the first iOS and Android devices to use the fingerprint as a security method for unlocking your phone.

There is no reliable news about using fingerprint sensors on the Galaxy S5, but while this is kind of disappointing for Samsung fans, we might see retina scanning technology on the Galaxy S5 as the authentication system.

Patentbolt has recently published some Samsung’s patents which supports the idea of using Retina Scanning System for the unlocking method on the Galaxy S5.


6. TouchWiz and Android

Android 4.4 KitKat is expected to be running on the Galaxy S5 and Samsung is going to completely redesign the pure Android with the new version of TouchWiz.

The very first thing we expect from the new version of TouchWiz is improving its current features, especially those smart features introduced with the Galaxy S4.

It is yet unknown what Samsung is planning to add as the new software features of the Galaxy S5.


7. Galaxy S5 Release Date

There is no confirmed date or even a trusted rumor regarding the Galaxy S5 release date, but we are sure Samsung is going to release Galaxy S5 in the first quarter of 2014 and some less reliable sources believe January will be the time Samsung reveals its latest and the best device.

8. Multi-party Video Conference Calls
Having video calls with more than 1 person at a time, is expected to be one of the many Galaxy S5 software features to enhance the connectivity aspect of the device. ChatOn, as the Samsung's exclusive messaging platform, will deliver the feature and it is yet unknown whether this is going to be a universal features for all the ChatOn users or just for Galaxy S5 users. According to the leaked images by the Galaxy Club both front and rear cameras can be used during the multi-party video call (Dual Camera mode lets you use both cameras at the same time) and you can see the other participants' videos at the bottom of the screen.


9. Latest Benchmark Suggests 2K display, 2.5GHz CPU, and Android Kit Kat
We all know that Samsung equips its flagships with the highest possible configure, and the latest Galaxy S5 benchmark shows Samsung used a quad-core processor clocked at 2.5GHz as the heart of Galaxy S5. There is no confirmed news whether Samsung is going to use the recently introduced Snapdragon 805 or prefer the last's year best processor, Snapdragon 800? We won't get too surprised if Samsung uses Snapdragon 805 as well as with the Adreno 420 GPU.
The other important point about the surfaced benchmark is using 2K screen on the Galaxy S5 which leads us to the superb 2560 x 1440 resolutions. The screen size is yet unknown, but doing some math gives us 5.25" as the display size of Galaxy S5.
The last thing about the benchmark is that Galaxy S5 will be running Android 4.4 KitKat and we are expecting tons of new features to be accompanied by the latest Android version.

10. The Plastic Body Will be Replaced With a Diamond-Like Metal?
So, the latest Galaxy S5's rumors is all about the body and the materials to be used as the surface. According to ETNews report, Samsung's R&D department reportedly working on a new material to make the Galaxy S5 look fancy and turning the Samsung's Achilles Hills to an advantage. The new used material is a Diamond-like Metal which is expected to enhance the build quality as well as be more resistant to scratches.
We are not sure whether this technology gets mature enough, so Samsung can use it on its next flagship, but we are sure Samsung is putting more efforts than ever to get rid of the plastic body on the Galaxy S5.

11. Samsung Reportedly Started to Produce 5.25" Displays
Many rumors indicated end of the year, as the time Samsung would start producing the displays for its latest flagships, and today DDaily Korea reported that the mass production for 5.25-inch AMOLED displays has just begun, and if we trust the rumors about 2K screen, then Galaxy S5's pixel density reaches to 560 ppi.

12. Samsung Galaxy S5 Concept Designs
Some concept designs for Galaxy S5 surfaced the web, and although they are not related to the final design at all, but are worth looking at. Both designs are considering the screen size to be 5.25 inches, and while the first design is using a flexible screen, the other one is having a HTC One like design with edge-to-edge screen.

Go to Source 1 and Source 2 for more concept designs

galaxy-s5-concept-desing-01 galaxy-s5-concept-desing-02 galaxy-s5-concept-desing-03 galaxy-s5-concept-desing-04

13. Will Galaxy S5 Be The First Device With 4GB Of RAM? Probably..
Samsung announced that they could successfully develop an 8Gb (1GB) LPDDR4 RAM for mobile devices, which makes it possible to increase the storage of RAM for high-end mobile devices to 4GB.
The news gets more excited where ZDNet Korea believes the 4GB mobile RAM production starts sometime in early 2014 which is almost at the same time of Galaxy S5 mass production, and therefore we can expect the Galaxy S5 to be powered by a 64-bit processor along with 4GB of RAM. We should wait to see whether these numbers (64-Bit or 4GB) are just some gimmicks to be used for marketing or Samsung is really producing a super fast device with ultimate power?

14. Leaked Images of the New Samsung's UI.
We all know Samsung's Touchwiz is getting a little old in the look and slighty heavy inside, and maybe it is the right time for Samsung to revamp the UI, as the Q4 2014 financial statement is showing decline in the earnings for the Korean. Trusting the new leaked images of the new Samsung's UI, the icons have been changed, the Home Screen has got a magazine-like style and more importantly the new interface is just beautiful.
We don't know yet whether this is the final cut or just a sample among many, but we know for sure that Samsung is going to reveal the new version of TouchWiz with the most changes since the beginning. Just like what Apple did in the iOS7.


15. What are new features of Samsung Galaxy S5? What is the New Gesture Control?
Well, Samsung is known for equipping its new devices with lots of software features, no matter there are useful or mature enough or not. But it seems the Korean's policy has changed, as Ryan Bidan, director of product marketing for Samsung's US mobile business, stated they won't add new technology to their devices unless they make sure it has a useful purpose and enhances the users' experience. Speaking of new technology, the most anticipated ones are indeed the new authentication methods by scanning finger print or the eye retina. So, we just know Samsung is considering these new methods (especially the eye scanning feature) to add to the Galaxy S5, but on the other side they have been more cautious after reading many reports about how gimmick some of the Galaxy S4's features are.
The other new is about Samsung's recent patent, about a new gesture control, which is expected to be used on the Galaxy S5. So, what is this new patent about? It actually monitors and follows the user's head movements, track the eye and identifies Nodding and Winking. How can it be useful? It reduces the errors for unintentional gestures or movement of the head, and you can nod to confirm, and turn a page with head movement. In other words, we can say all the motion controls we saw on Galaxy S4, have been improved and can be more used more often on the Galaxy S5.


16. Galaxy S5 Specs Confirmed: Metal Body, 16MP Camera, and True 8-core Performance
We are exactly 2 months away from the Galaxy S5 unpacking event, considering the reportedly mid-March date to be true, and SamMobile managed to get the confirmation for the most important specs of Samsung's first flagship in2014. Before getting in to the details, the good new is that Samsung will finally use the Metal Body on its devices but the bad news is that Galaxy S5 will be announced in 2 different plastic and metal versions, and while the plastic version costs about 650 Euros, you need to add 150 Euros more to get the premium version of Galaxy S5 (Rumored to be named Galaxy F).

The Super AMOLED display with 2560x1440 pixels of resolutions are the confirmed specs for Galaxy S5's screen, and there is no confirmation about the screen size which is believed to be 5.25 inches.

About the processor, depending on the market and LTE support, Exynos 6 and Snapdragon 805 will be used to power the device, and while Galaxy S5 will be named the first smartphone to use Snapdragon 805, we expect Exynos 6 to be able to provide a true 8-core performance. So, the 64-bit support with the Exynos 6 processor will comes to the metal version of Galaxy S5, and the plastic version will sport Snapdragon 805.

The source hasn't provided any details regarding the amount of RAM, authentication sensors, new software features, detailed camera specs (including OIS), and battery capacity. 

17.  What are the Galaxy S5 biometric authentication methods?
Well, mysteries are getting solved as we get closer to the unpacking event. One of the most discussed topics regarding the Galaxy S5 specs, is indeed about the authentication methods and the way to open and unlock the phone.
iPhones 5S was the first smartphone to use fingerprint sensor as the security options, and HTC One Max is the first Android device to use the technology. While the sensor used on iPhone received many appreciations, the Taiwanese OEM wasn’t in lock enough as there were so many articles about how bad the user experience is, when trying to unlock One Max via fingerprint sensor located on the back of the phone.
Read: 5 Things You Need to Know About HTC One Max Fingerprint Scanner

But, what about Samsung? Many reports were indicating that Samsung will definitely use the fingerprint sensor on its next flagship in 2014, and based on the koreaherald report, the Galaxy S5 will be unlocked via a fingerprint sensor, but unlike the iPhone 5S sensor which is located at the top of button, the Samsung’s new sensor will be located under the display panel so you just need to scan your finger on the display, which we believe is cooler and easier to use than the iPhones 5S sensor and HTC One Max of course.

About the Eye recognition technology, it seems Samsung is holding it for the next version of Galaxy S5 (or even maybe the one after that), as they believe this new technology is still too immature to be used on a smart phone, and if you recall, one of the Samsung’s executives stated that they don’t want to use new technology at the cost of losing smooth user interface.
And there are two other reasons, that the reporter believes we won’t see iris recognition on the Galaxy S5: One is that you have to look straight at phone to unlock it, which is a bit strange in some circumstance, and hard to use regularly. The other reason is that, to get a perfect result Samsung has to use a new sensor and a long range camera, and as you may have guessed this is a huge change and Samsung needs to change the design to avoid making the device bigger and less thinner.
So, to wrap things up, we are almost 100% sure that fingerprint will be the only biometric authentication method added one the Galaxy S5 and you should wait at least a year longer to unlock your phone via your eyes.

18. The first photo taken by Galaxy S5 camera leaked
@evleaks published a new picture, claimed to be taken by the Verizon variant of Galaxy S5, and according to the EXIF info, the camera model is SAMSUNG-SM-G900V (VZW Galaxy S5) and the camera lens is 16MP (Dimensions are: 5312 by 2988) which confirms the previous rumors about the quality of Galaxy S5's camera.
There are no more leaked details about the camera, but as we get closer to the unveiling event we should expect more camera samples to surface.


19. Samsung to Use Swipe Fingerprint Sensor on Galaxy S5

It is still unclear whether Samsung uses a fingerprint sensor on Galaxy S5 or not, but considering all the rumors and reports we can be somehow sure that the next iteration of Galaxy S series will be definitely unlocked with your finger. In this very article, we mentioned that Samsung is reportedly working on a sensor located under the display, so you just need to put your finger on the screen to process and like iPhone 5S you don't have to put your finger on the Home button. According to the latest ETNews report, Samsung is going to go one step further, as they are developing their own made Swipe fingerprint sensor, which means like a regular phone with no enabled locking method, you just need to swipe your finger on the screen to unlock your device, but in fact the sensor beneath the Galaxy S5's display will detect both your finger and its movement and unlocks your phone if it matches your unique fingerprint.

If we trust the rumor and the source, we should say this new fingerprint sensor seems to be much more interesting than the one we've already seen on iPhone 5S as it is a lot easier to use and you're not limited to put your finger on a specific location (Home button) to unlock your phone.

20. O2 Germany Sets to Launch Galaxy S5 By the End of February
We are almost certain that Samsung Unpacked Event on February 24 is all about announcing Galaxy S5 as the most advanced Samsung's phone so far and if we take a look back, we'll understand Samsung doesn't really like the gap between announcing a flagship and launching it worldwide. So, it is no surprise that O2 Germany has already created a page for Galaxy S5, with the "Anticipation High 5" title and pointing to End of February for more details about this Mysterious High 5 device.
There is also a teaser image in the page which shows a device kind of drawn in to the water. This teaser might suggest that the original version of Galaxy S5 is water proof, and Samsung may not release a separate waterproof variant like Galaxy S4 Active.


21. Fingerprint Sensor Confirmed for Galaxy S5

SamMobile, as a trusted source for leaking Samsung news, confirmed the fingerprint sensor for Galaxy S5 and according to the insider source the sensor is actually a swipe fingerprint sensor but unlike what reported earlier it is not located under the display.

The fingerprint sensor is being built into the Galaxy S5’s Home Button and you have to swipe to unlock the phone with your dry finger (sensor is sensitive to moisture). It means Samsung is still loyal to using physical buttons on its flagships rather than on-screen buttons, and although the swiping option seems to be more accurate and secure but it could be less convenient to use.

As Samsung likes to include and deliver all the possible features in one package, the source believes that other than assigning one finger for unlocking your phone, you can assign up to 7 more fingers as an app shortcut. There is also a new Personal Folder and Private Mode which keeps/hides your personal applications, widgets, and contents in a safe place and you just need to swipe your pre-assigned finger on the home button to access this mysterious place of yours.

There are 3 more new features thanks to the Galaxy S5’s fingerprint sensor: You can verify your Samsung account using your fingerprint, you will also have the option to use your fingerprint for signing in to the websites require username and password, and last not the least is the option to view the real-time image of your fingerprint on the screen as you swipe your finger.

This article about Galaxy S5 will be updated as soon as any confirmed news or trusted rumor surface.