Samsung Galaxy S7 is finally official, and we are sure you have read all about Galaxy S7 specs and new features. So, in this AW Center we are going to wear our negative-critics glasses and share with you our Galaxy S7 first impressions with the focus on “what we didn’t like about Galaxy S7”.

So, let’s get started:


The same Design as Galaxy S6: If you hold the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 you’ll notice the language design of both phones are the same, and Samsung has just improved the ease of use while holding the Galaxy S7 thanks to its curvy back design. We didn’t expect a whole new design, but Samsung could do a little bit better. By the way, we liked the Galaxy S6’s design as well as Galaxy S7.

Camera Bump: If you look at the back of the Galaxy S7, you’ll see the camera bump. Although it has been reduced, but it is still there.

Absorbs fingerprint: Keep looking at the back. Aren’t you bothered with the fingerprints on the glass back?

No Removable Battery: I usually carry a Power Bank as well as a Car Charger Dock, in case I ran out of battery and to be honest it usually does the work for me. But carrying a backup battery and replace it when the original battery goes out of power, is always the best option. We’ve seen the removable battery on LG G5 and hoped to see it in the Galaxy S7 as well. But, we should stick to the fast charging feature and power related accessories.


The Only Choice for Storage is 32GB (at least in the U.S.): I know, Galaxy S7 comes with a micro SD card supporting cards up to 200GB of storage. But, since Galaxy S7 doesn’t support the Adoptive Storage feature (available in Android Marshmallow), you have to stick with the 32GB of storage for your internal storage.

By the way, it seems that Samsung will be selling models with more storage in some regions and countries, but U.S. is not in the list.

Pre-Loaded Apps are still more than needed: Samsung specified that they have reduced the number of pre-loaded applications in the Galaxy S7, but we still believe there are more apps to be deleted. Some of productive Mi crosoft apps are also available in the Galaxy S7, and we are not sure whether they can be uninstalled or not.

Different Chipsets: Samsung uses the Snapdragon 802 for Galaxy S7 shipped to the U.S. and Canada (and some other regions), and uses their own made chipset, Exynos 8890, for models sold in some other regions including the Asia.

While we don’t notice any special difference between these 2 chipset when talking about the Galaxy S7 functionality, but the benchmark tests show different numbers, and it just makes doubt about which Galaxy S7 is better?

No FM Radio: We are getting used to the lack of FM Radio on Samsung devices. Although there are plenty of internet radio apps, but we still miss it.

Always On Display Consumes the Battery: According to the Samsung, the AOD feature consume the battery about 0.5% each hour. But in the real testing it could increase to 1% per hour. Don’t you think consuming about 20% of your battery a day is a little bit too much? (This Always On Display can be turned off from the Settings)


No USB C Type: To be honest, we still like the Micro USB connection but Samsung is known as the leader of adding new features to its flagships and we are kind of surprised not seeing the USB C port.

Where is the Infrared Blaster? Wow! I still can’t believe my eyes. Why did you just ditch the IR Blaster? It’s one of the most used feature on my current device and I’m sure there are plenty of users like me.

Hybrid SIM Slot: Well, this is for those who are going to use the Dual SIM variant of Galaxy S7. The Hybrid slot on Galaxy S7 means, you must choose between one SIM Card + Memory Card or Two SIM cards, and there is no Two SIM cards + Memory Card option. 

What do you think about our “What We Didn’t Like About Galaxy S7” list? What would you add to the list or what would you add? What’s the most important thing the Galaxy S7 is missing? (I would definitely go for the lack of IR Blaster.)

Note that we really liked the Galaxy S7 and we believe it’s the best Samsung phone ever, and one of the 3 best Android phone ever. But in this AW Center article we just wanted to focus on the negative points of the Galaxy S7, in case some of you are thinking about getting a Galaxy S7.