Fans of higher education say that a college degree makes you more valued in the job market. Their opponents keep on proving that education has no influence on actual work experience. So, two basic approaches to higher education of any type are:

  • Get it! A university diploma opens new ways.
  • Give it up! No one needs a degree; it is the experience that counts.

Don’t Neglect the Power of Experience

Although fundamental knowledge is necessary, getting a degree is not a mandatory requirement. Here are some points that may shake the world of the fans of college degrees.

1/4 of Tech Graduates Work in the Field of Specialization

This one is a sad scenario. As people get forced to choose their majors early in their teen years, they often pick the wrong career path from the start. Then come four to six years of lectures and tests that lead to burnout and disappointment.

The lucky ones change their major, get another one, or pick a relevant online course to switch career fields.

Often, students with a solid career plan start working while studying. This approach takes a bunch of time and energy to keep up with the hectic schedule. To free several hours per week, such students turn to essay service for professional help. So, at least they keep up with the deadlines for essays and thesis papers.

Doubtful Quality of Education

The field is evolving so rapidly that the technologies change every year. In many universities, future professionals study according to programs that were drawn up a couple of years (if not decades) ago.

Experts With No Diploma

The job market has a significant number of professionals who have not graduated from university. Yet, they are extremely successful in their respective fields. Such specialists can afford it if they find employers who value results instead of certificates. In the case of programming specialty, the requirements for education are not so strict due to the lack of specialists.

You Will Always Need to Study

After graduating from a university, you will soon find out that the training is not over. Progress rushes forward faster than people can perceive it. To keep up with the pace, a professional will have to keep on learning new things. So, the last year at the university or college is not when you may see the back of your education.

Value of Practice

On practical tasks, a person learns to apply theo retical tuition. Academic knowledge has its merits, but it does not always acquaint the students with the world of business and the realities of today’s job market. Many of them have to get completely new skills during the first month of work-life after college.

Popularity of Online Courses

Pandemics have had a dramatic impact on the job market and education. Traditional education yields to the online format. Educational platforms have gained attention and value since 2020. Now, anyone can get a degree or some extra training certificate. Many workplaces moved online as well.


College Education Has Changed

Applied knowledge, experience, and tons of practice are must-haves for all occupations. Yet, an in-depth theoretical approach is equally important as it represents a deep immersion in some areas. Experts with a university background often bring complex projects to maximum efficiency.

The pandemic has strengthened the trend towards training a new type of specialists. New superheroes of the job market have to:

  • show critical thinking;
  • work efficiently under fast-changing conditions;
  • study on-the-job;
  • excel at time management;
  • solve various problems and resolve conflict situations.

A university or college of any kind gives these skills.

Employers Still Value Diplomas

Even though work experience is a priority for employers, 55% believe that higher education is necessary to secure successful career growth.

High Competition Increases the Quality of Education

There are much more requirements for modern universities now than a few years ago. The new digital reality requires a more technological approach to learning. Modern universities compete with other educational institutions as well as with large companies that launch their educational programs.

Modern Nature of Education

You can get work experience not only on corporate programs. Every year, students have more and more opportunities to acquire career experience and the necessary skills within the walls of their alma mater. The reason is, most universities have so-called Career Centers for students.

To Get or Not to Get?

Maybe someone does not need to go to college to be successful, and that is okay. Yet, modern universities are very different from what they were ten years ago. The key trend now is the freedom to choose an individual trajectory. So, look for the prospects before rejecting the idea of getting a tech major.