Are you one of those who believes high-quality graphics along with 3D environment and rich-featured gameplay are the requirements of producing a successful and addictive game? If so, we strongly recommend you to give Go Fish, GO! A try and you may change your mind.

In this 2D endless runner game, you need to find your way in the river by going right and left while avoid hitting the obstacles. The gameplay is as simple as tapping on the screen to move to left and right, and as mentioned earlier your goal is to avoid hitting the obstacles.

Is this runner game additive and not boring? The answer is a big YES! Thanks to the wide range of challenges and obstacles coming in your way randomly, and the engaging leaderboard feature you will definitely get addicted to the Go Fish, GO!

Don’t forget to earn coins and use them to unlock different cute characters, from Dolphin and Whale to Puffer, Squid and more.

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Should you give it a try? If you are looking for an endless game to kill time in your spare times, then the answer is YES again. But you shouldn’t expect to see a game with fancy graphics or 3D environments.

Let’s review the main features of this runner game:

  • A 2D environment with clean and neat design
  • Cool sound effects and music
  • Easy to learn gameplay
  • Leaderboard feature to compete against family and friends
  • Different characters to unlock
  • Fun for all ages
  • Free to play (with ads that are annoying at all)

What’s the final verdict? Well, is Go Fish, GO! coming with intense graphics and full of unique features? NO. But, is it addictive, full of unpredictable challenges and brings you hours of fun? YES!

So, the decision is yours. Make sure to download this free runner game on your Android phone or tablet and share your experience with us.

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