There are lots of Android launchers available on Google Play with different features and capabilities. The most important factors to call a launcher, as a good launcher are: many Visual effects and animation, User friendly interface, No lags, supporting different devices, and efficiency. Considering these factors, Go Launcher is one of the best Android Launcher. In this article we review some of its features and provide you some user experiences while using the launcher.

If you are not familiar with Android Launchers, reading “What is Android Launcher” article could be useful for you.

Go Launcher Introduction

Go Launcher is available in EX and HD edition to support tablets, phones, and devices with HD and Full HD resolutions. It really changes the entire device’s interface to an eye catching design. Different effects when changing pages, New icons, dock, resizable home screen widgets are some of Go Launcher features. It is highly customizable and you can install and add different themes and skins. There are also so many exclusive home screen widgets for Go Launcher.


Go Launcher Features

  • Installing different themes
  • Home screen widgets
  • Cool visual effects and transitions
  • Supports low range device with weak hardware and specification
  • Ultimate customization

Go Launcher’s User Experiences

Here we are going to show you, what you are facing when running Go Launcher for the first time.

After installing the launcher, tap the icon to open it. First you see a quick introduction about the launcher. You may get surprised when going to home screen for the first time. Everything has changed; from home screen widgets to app shortcuts at the bottom of the page. You see a Dock at the bottom which is for quick access to 5 apps. The default shortcuts are: Phone, Contacts, App menu, Text messages, and Internet browser. You can add up to 3 docks and the way to access the other 2 docks is to swipe right or left. Tapping and holding  each icon, lets you Replace, create Gesture, or Delete the icon. Tap and empty place on the Dock to open Add dock Menu

Add to Dock on Go Launcher

As mentioned before, you can easily add resizable home screen widgets and shortcut icons. Tap and hold your finger on an empty place on home screen and wait for a window to open. As you can see in the screen shots below, there are 4 tabs:

ADD: you can add App shortcuts, Create folder, Add Go widgets, Add Widgets, Add system shortcuts and Add Go shortcuts.

Wallpaper: This tab is to set wallpaper, and you can lock or unlock wallpaper, Add Go multiple wallpaper, Add Go Wallpaper, and Add wallpaper from Gallery.

Theme: Here you can change the existing theme with a new available theme. You can also download new theme from Google Play or Go Market

Effect: This cool feature lets you change the transition animation when moving betw een pages. There are 24 default effects available.

Add shortcuts on Go Launcher

If you go to your app list, you see the Launcher has made some changes there too. The App drawer has 3 main tabs:

All: shows all your installed applications, unless you have set some as hidden apps. Tap Search icon on the bottom left to start searching. Tap Home button to go to Home Screen. Tap the three dot icon and access the following: Sorting, New Folder, Auto Folder, Hide app, Go Market, Setting, Clear Cache

All Apps on Go Launcher

Recent: Shows the recent opened apps. Tapping the Sweep icon (Sweep-on-Go-Launcher) clear the history

Running: Show the apps which are already open. At the bottom of the page, you can see the free memory, and tapping the Sweep icon, close running apps to free more memory.

Clean Memory on Go Launcher

If you go to  Go Launcher Settings you can access to:

Visual Settings: To change App drawer background, Enable blur wallpaper, change Tab style

Appearance settings: to change Grid size, and show or hide: drawer tab, action bar, home key only, app drawer labels, app update info

Action Settings: This setting is about change transition animation and effect. You can change app drawer scrolling orientation, enter transition, horizontal transition, vertical transition, and gesture settings

Media Manager Plugin: You just need to download this plugin, so media manager can manage photos, music, and videos.



Go Launcher is really one of the best Android launchers and we really loved it. In general we can say, it is really smooth, quick responsive with no lags, and tons of available personalization, customizations, themes, widgets and effect which brought us fun when working with this Launcher.

Download Go Launcher from Google Play